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Introducing an extraordinary new voice a magical debut that will make your skin tingle your eyes glisten and your heart singMidnight Gulch used to be a magical place a town where people could sing up thunderstorms and dance up sunflowers But that was long ago before a curse drove the magic away Twelve year old Felicity knows all about things like that her Every place has a storyMidnight Gulch was once a magical town where some people could conjure rain others can become invisible when sad glow in the dark some baking magic into pies thereby making shy ones feisty or give them hysterical laughter some make people remember lovely memories or forget gloomy things and even catch starlights in Mason jars For many years Midnight Gulch has been extraordinary until its magic dissipated — driven away by a withering curse cast against the musical duos the Brothers Threadbare Foolish heart who fought and failedWhere talent bloomed your greed prevailedCursed to toil till labor wornYou’ll spin up ashes you’ll harvest thornsNow pack your dreams make haste take flight You’re cursed to wander through the nightTill cords align and all’s made rightWhere sweet amends are made and spokenShadows dance the curse is broken Years passed by Felicity Juniper Pickle who sees words everywhere in various shapes and sizes arrives in this particular town in Tennessee along with her mum Holly six year old sister Frannie Jo and their furry friend Biscuit in their Pickled Jalapeno Mystified by the eccentric place it was indeed the first time that she finally feels at home but the curse of her mother's wandering heart has taken a toll on their family Is the malediction related to the one that was cast ages ago As time fades every picture there's only one way to solve this mysterious disturbance With the help of Felicity's best friend Jonah she sets forth a marvellous adventure to restore the town's magic mend her mum's broken heart and get rid of the curse once and for all in a spindiddly fashion Gorgeously and vividly told with lush prose Lloyd creates a realistic world full of decadent surprises enchanting its readers with a subtle magic that ebbs and flows throughout the whole narrative She also creates characters who have their own foibles and challenges Melodious and uplifting this is a spellbinding tale that inspires us to look for magic within ourselves as well in others despite life's sorrows pain loss and solitary moments Sad memories don’t just come in ice cream you know Everything you touch everything you smell everything you taste every picture you see — all of that has the potential to call up a sad memory You can’t choose what comes up first But you can choose to replace it with something good I choose to think on the good parts Like Felicity Lloyd collates and weaves wondrous words with synaesthesia that successfully entices and engages our five senses along with a sense of magical realism In spite of all the positive attributes of this book redundant words such as spindiddly splendiferous and others are a tad overused which was a minor gripe When it comes to the book cover that's another mouthwatering thing Who wouldn't want to have some ice cream with names like Andy's Snickerdoodle Sucker Punch Marsh Mallory Mocha Delight Suzie’s White Chocolate Cherry Walnut Orangie's Caramel Apple Pie or even Virgil's Get Outta My Face Fudge Ripple when you're on your moody day uite dandy isn't it As for me I'd prefer Dr Zook's best seller Blackberry Sunrise — enough for me to remember my fondest memories in life as well as the poignant ones It’s so weird how life is so full of moving around — people coming and going people passing by each other all day long You never know which person’s going to steal your heart You never know which place is going to settle your soul All you can do is look And hope And believe

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A Snicker of MagicNomadic mother is cursed with a wandering heartBut A Snicker MOBI #181 when she arrives in Midnight Gulch Felicity thinks her luck's about to change A word collector Felicity sees words everywhere shining above strangers tucked into church eves and tangled up her dog's floppy ears but Midnight Gulch is the first place she's ever seen the word home And th Felicity Pickle has lived in 6 different states even though she's only in the 6th grade She's tired of travelling the country with her mama Holly and her little 6 year old sister Frannie Jo Maybe people can't grow roots the same as trees do but we both needed a place to dig in and grow some good memories And so did MamaThe only problem is that Mama has a wandering heart She's always been this way restless ready to leave town at the slightest provocation She can't stay still and she can't settle down This is making her children very unhappyFinally Mama returns to the town she grew up in the town where her sister Cleopatra still resides The magical town of Midnight Gulch TennesseeAfter going to school for her first day in her new town Felicity learns about the history of the magical town where each family had their own special brand of magic They say some people could catch stars in Mason jars And some people could sing up thunderstorms and some could dance up sunflowers Some people could bake magic into a pie make folks fall in love or remember something good or forget something bad Some people had a a magic for music They could play a song and it would echo through the whole town and everybody in town no matter where they were stood up and danced They say some people glowed in the dark And some people faded when they were sad first they went colorless then totally invisibleBut then tragedy struck when the Brothers Threadbare Stone and Berry became famous due to their musical magic After years of happily travelling together and acuiring fame and fortune jealousy struck And so the brothers agreed to battle each other in an epic magical duel But whoever lost would be cursed with a wandering heart unable to settle in any one place for any length of time and therefore unable to ever be happy again That cursed one was Stone and after he left town he was never seen againOr was heFelicity knows that since she is a direct descendant of Stone's bloodline she and her family are cursed as he was That is why her mother can never stay in one place for long That is why she and her sister have been travelling from town to town incessantly since they were bornBut Felicity loves the magical and kooky town of Midnight Gulch She loves its history and its people And she also is starting to have strong feelings for a boy she met on her first day in class a boy who takes her breath away a boy with spiky blonde hair and a big heart Jonah Pickett Jonah's face was so close to mine that I could count the small cluster of freckles across his nose Ten freckles that's all Just a small constellation His eyes looked even greener up closeFelicity is determined to buy time in the town and hope against hope convince her wayward mother to stay But how can she do thisFelicity has a gift And I like words; I collect them I like poems songs stories everything But words never sound right when I try to string them together and say them out loud They're just for me to keep I've always seen words I see them as clearly as I see you Sometimes they have wings and sometimes tap shoes and sometimes zebra stripes Sometimes I see words hovering around people Most people anyway The interesting the person the fantastic the words Words come in all sorts of shapes stars spaceships pretzel words Some words glow and some words dance Sometimes I think I see words people are thinking about or the words they wantFelicity's ability to see words helps her read minds and see the future Can she use this power to help her mother finally settle down and call somewhere 'home'This book is amaz

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Free A Snicker of Magic kindle Ä eBook 9780545552707 ✓ Natalie Lloyd Ø ✼ [EPUB] ✴ A Snicker of Magic By Natalie Lloyd ❆ – Introducing an extraordinary new voice a magical debut that will make your skin tingle your eyes glisten and your heart singMidnight En there's Jonah a mysterious spiky haired do gooder who shimmers with words Felicity's never seen before words that make Felicity's heart beat a little faster Felicity wants to stay in Midnight Gulch than anything but first she'll need to figure out how to bring back the magic breaking the spell that's been cast over the town and her mother's broken hear Please read this spindiddly book Here is what is so factofabulous about itThe enchanting characters in this book made my heart sing out Yes Yes yes I adore this book I hope you will read it and feel the same way I truly believe it is magical