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mobi ↠ Boys of Blur ✓ N.D. Wilson Fans of Jerry Spinelli's Maniac Magee and Louis Sachar's Holes will enjoy this story about a boy and the ancient secrets that hide deep in the heart of the Florida everglades near a place called Muck CityWhen Charlie moves to the small town of Taper Florida he discovers Boys of ePUB #220 a different world Pinned between the everglades and the swampy banks of Lake Okeechobee the small tow Boys of Blur now there's a word is well written in parts give it that but the well written parts cannot salvage the whole It is in fact a mish mash that some readers will be perplexed by Is it a realistic novel It certainly begins as one Boy Charlie moves to a Florida town with Mom who has married a new man while the old one's still about As said town Taper is step dad's Mack hometown he is cued up to become the new football coach replacing the recently passed Coach WisdomOK I'm on board with it But then the novel veers voodoo or something Charlie falls in with a kid named Cotton and they run through burning sugar cane and they meet some weird dude in a helmet and sword think Ghost of DeSoto maybe who wears dead rabbits and keeps panthers for petsStill with me Grades 3 to 7 Next we get a grave robbing a full size tree appearing overnight in said grave some creature from the deep that stinks so much it's nicknamed Stanks but is really named Gren DeSoto turns out to be a human I think named Lio and he's doing battle against this ancient curse groan not again and meanwhile the Sheriff and his buddy have it in for Mack because they played for a rival football team and step dad is smoking cigarettes and glaring at the motel where Mom is staying and Charlie gets injured and some Swamp Witch wife of the dead coach applies maggots to his wounds andConfused yet Crying My kingdom for a consistent genre yet It's as if the book cannot make up its mind and so lurches this way and unfortunately that But still Wilson does drop some good writing in there It's just unable to gel in the heat and the melodrama maybe Genre busting That might be a word for it But I sincerely doubt many of my students would stick with it Time will tell though

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Boys of Blur doc Ï Hardcover Ó ➷ [Reading] ➹ Boys of Blur By N.D. Wilson ➬ – Fans of Jerry Spinelli's Maniac Magee and Louis Sachar's Holes will enjoy this story about a boy and the ancient secrets that hide deep in the heart of the Florida everglades near a place called Muck Fans of Jerry Spinelli's Maniac N produces sugar cane and the fastest runners in the country Kids chase muck rabbits in the fields while the cane is being burned and harvested Dodging flames and blades and breathing smoke they run down the rabbits for three dollars a skin And when they can do that running a football is easy  But there are things in the swamp roaming the cane at night that cannot be explained and they Back in the early '90s Eugene H Peterson was my pastor for about five minutes I was in the last group of folks to join Christ Our King Presbyterian Church before he left I don't think correlation indicates causation Gene's son once told him You only have one sermon—an observation that Gene didn't take as a compliment Sometime later the son moved away to another state and started looking for a new church there After visiting one congregation for a while he switched to another Why As he told his dad That guy hadn't found his sermonNate Wilson has found his and preaches it yet again in Boys of Blur And here perhaps clearly than in his other books so far we see that it's also his father's sermon and his grandfather's sermon which is appropriate for a book with a strong father and son themeIt's a good sermonMy favorite bit was where Cotton tells Charlie to read a certain edition of Beowulf Since I worked on that edition it's almost sorta kinda like I'm a little bit in the book ;^None of which is likely to be remotely helpful to anyone who wants to know about the book but I never did claim to be a good book review writer

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Boys of BlurSeem connected to sprawling mounds older than the swamps Together with his step second cousin Cotton Mack the fastest boy on the muck Charlie hunts secrets in the glades and on the muck flats where the cane grows secrets as old as the soft earth secrets that haunted tripped and trapped the original native tribes ensnared conuistadors and buried runaway slaves Secrets only the muck knows Another good oneWilson always delivers and this was no exception I'm always amazed by the vivid imagination and fantastical worlds he creates So enjoyable