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The Escape Mobi ô Download  Kathryn lasky ☆ [Ebook] ➩ The Escape (Horses of the Dawn, #1) Author Kathryn Lasky – Get ready for a wild run in bestselling author Kathryn Lasky's brand new middle grade animal fantasy seriesThe horses are in danger They were rounded up by the two legs and forced The journey went badly and the boat was deemed too heavy so the two legs forced the horses into the sea and sailed away leaving the herd to die in the deepBy a miracle the horses survived and made it to land All bu I know I've been hard on Kathryn Lasky in some of my other reviews I found a lot of faults with her Guardians of Ga'Hoole series as well as her Wolves of the Beyond and I don't take back my opinions of them Yet I keep picking up her books Perhaps I just can't stop reading about owls wolves and horses all of which are some of my favorite animals And perhaps I can't stop giving this lady a chance because I find promise in her ideas if not her executionOne thing I think is much stronger about this series compared to the two others is the setting This is a historical story following a band of horses that escape domestication after being shipped to the 'new world' by Spanish conuerors And Kathryn has very obviously done her research when she wrote this book The descriptions of the lands and times feels accurate And the information conveyed about horses I found to be very factual and interesting It all lends believability to this story which was absent in her books about owls going to war and wolves ruling the wildernessThe Spanish influence on the story such as the horse's names and the phrases they use was very refreshing It was not overdone nor did it feel gimmicky It made me want a Spanish dictionary beside me as I readI eagerly look forward to her other books in this series even though I'll pass on the owls and wolves from now on

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T one the ghost horse the leader of the pack Now it's up to her daughter only a filly to take charge of the terrified herd Stranded in a new land surrounded by two legs will the horses find a way to live safe and fr Buckskin foal destined to lead the herd is born on a ship gets turned loose for plot device reasons along with some other horses becomes an orphan and somehow magically becomes the herd leader because she has a sixth sense the others lack for no adeuately explained reason An old horse becomes her mentor and makes sure the others follow her a male foal conveniently almost her age but slightly older is part of the group A big filly older than she wants to take the leadership position Okay boring but okayAnd then the unbearable begins For me it wasn't the violence and gore which was a bit ghastly for the age range this is aimed at in places I'll admit but it didn't bother me I even excused the reuse of words and phrases and the distinctly human views of the horses and the fact that they are all very different colors when they would likely mostly be the same or similarBut how shall I explain this Humans are evil except for the most primitive ones because people were better once upon a time somehow Religion is evil but blind faith in dreams and visions that only one horse sees somehow isn't God is contemptible andor a delusion only fools believe in but let's all follow the spirit pony into the new world on get this faith Oh and in case somebody didn't get the memo let's have a blind character who becomes a spirit Blind faith Get it Get it Ha So cleverSomeone must've read The Sight before they wrote this because it has the same struggling attempt at being anti religion while presenting evolution in the form of a religion as if that's somehow real profound and intelligent even though the characters are following their faith in the same way as anyone with religion would except that there's no meaning or point to it despite picturesue descriptions and lengthy monologueEven though the evolutionreligion angle doesn't really add anything it's the basis for why the horses are going the way they are It's not enough to just say they're looking for a good place for horses with good grass few predators and no humans they have to be seeking a magic place where the spirits of their ancestors are guiding them to Why am I harping on about this Well because the book did And it kept doing it Oh remember that religion and God are both bad This faith is different because reasons Trust the magic mushroom dreamsGah kill this type of novel with fire I'm sick of it

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The Escape Horses of the Dawn #1Get ready for a wild run in bestselling author Kathryn Lasky's brand new middle grade animal fantasy seriesThe horses are in danger They were rounded up by the two legs and forced onto a boat to cross the wide ocean Personal Response I really enjoyed this book It was an adventure book and showed a lot of the history when the America’s were discovered A lot of it was fantasy because horses can not really talk but it also shows how animals suffered because of the humans landing in the New WorldPlot In the book the main character Estrella is a baby horse that was born on a ship Her mother was a Spanish horse that was coming from Spain to explore the America’s There was no wind at sea for a while so the ship was just stranded in one place They were running out of food for the crew and the horses The Captain finally decided to throw the horses overboard in order for the ship to move Estrella’s mother and her were some of the horses to be thrown overboard They all made it to land safely except for one That one was Estrella’s mother She was the leader of the herd Now it is up to Estrella to lead the herd to safety and find freedom away from the humansCharacterizationWhen Estrella was born she had no idea how the real world was She was born in a dark ship and was kept in a sling for most of the time She was always curious about the real world and her mother always told her about the stars which she was named after The day they threw the horses overboard Estrella was confused and scared on what was happening She has never seen water When Estrella and the heard made it to land she was tired but she knew she had to be the leader of the herd even though she had never seen or experienced the real world After they were free she had all of the skills it takes to be a leader in the herdRecommendation I recommend this book for kids in middle school and up I feel it may be a little to hard of a book for older elementary kids