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kindle ä Sixteen Sixty One Õ Paperback read Ñ natalie lucas Ý [Epub] ➞ Sixteen Sixty One By Natalie Lucas – Natalie Lucas was just 15 when she began a close relationship with a man in his early sixties Matthew opened Natalie’s mind and heart to philosophy and literatuSity and decided she wanted to try to live a normal life Matthew’s affection soon turned into a consuming obsessionWritten with remarkable candor and grace Sixteen Sixty One is than an account of suburban grooming it is the gripping story of a young girl’s sexual awakening and journey into womanhood Firstly I would like to thank Netgalley for allowing me to get my hands on this extremely intriguing tragic horrifying and inspiring memoir So far out all of the books I've read this year this is the one I've had the most trouble putting down Natalie is a fifteen year old teenager when she first meets Matthew a sixty year old man At this point in Natalie's life she is feeling some of the emotional turmoils and insecurities that come with being a teenager and like so many teenagers Natalie wants to know where she fits in and who is While Natalie's family life is normal and healthy she is not close to her father who was divorced from her mother and is distant at best Matthew starts to become this sort of father figurein a loose sense of the word for her He offers her the comfort of fatherly advice love and the direction that she has been craving along with philosophy ambition purpose and sense of belonging and understanding He makes her feel special Who wouldn't want that They're interactions at this point while appearing innocent were peculiar right from the beginning and it didn't stay innocent for long Matthew emails her often and has too much of an interest in seeing her His topics of conversation start to become increasingly inappropriate He asks her to lie to her mother so that their time together doesn't start raising uestions he drops hints about his mischievous past of Bunburying asks to read her diaries and leave them with him as well as inuiring about her growing curiosity in her own sexuality There are warning flags all over this behaviour but Natalie is fifteen and she has come to trust this man who has provided her so much comfort and insight Shortly after Natalie turns sixteen she loses her virginity to Matthew who is now sixty one years old Forty five years the two of them are separated by four and a half decades of an age difference It took me a long time for that fact to really seep in Forty Five Years Natalie does love Matthew and the relationship hints at romance during the first portion of the book it is uickly wiped away with the graphic scenes of their sex life and the appearance of Matthew's true colours when she decides to go away to college While experimenting in college Natalie tries to find a way to define herself but her current identity has been built upon lies She has to find her way out of the smothering embrace of Matthew's control As things escalate with Matthew Natalie is sucked into an awful array of turmoilWhile I could never feasibly imagine being in the exact situation that Natalie was in she described her story so well that I felt it Their were moments in this book where I wanted to cry and scream and others where I just wished that I could cause Matthew mass amounts of pain My biggest and only frustration with this novel actually has nothing to do with the novel itself but that view spoiler Matthew didn't get punished in the end I wanted justice He should have be jailed as a pedophile beaten and shamed With that being said that likely would not have not done Natalie any favours in the end Even though it would have been completely undeserved she would have likely received some backlash from some small minded people if she or her family had taken retribution with Matthew I still would have liked to have known what happened to him regardless but it's not his story it's Natalie's hide spoiler

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Years Together they mocked the small town busybodies around them laughing at plebs like her parents and his in laws who were all too blinkered by convention Sixteen Sixty MOBI #181 to live pure lives Only Natalie and Matthew were truly freeOr so she believed But when Natalie left her hometown for univer I had to stomach my way through the debauchery and sordidness of this book I may have approached this book with sympathy but I actually ended up feeling revolted by the author's sexcapades It is not particularly something I would want the World to know Somethings are best kept private

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Sixteen Sixty OneNatalie Lucas was justwhen she began a close relationship with a man in his early sixties Matthew opened Natalie’s mind and heart to philosophy and literature Within months they had entered into the intense erotic affair that they would disguise as an innocent intergenerational friendship for several This is another one of those memoirs where you just don't know how to rate it or write about Take a look at the synopsis again Its a relationship with a 44 year age difference Let that sink in This book isn't about the romantic side of things at all Its about an OLD man abusing his authority and persuading an innocent girl into this relationship Natalie was technically in the wrong place at the wrong time with normal teenage issues Matthew honed in on that and helped her through these difficult times being her friend Someone they could bullshit about literature with each other Then romance and love into the picture It should be noted that it was never forced and that it did seem like they were truly in love But age does and should play a big red flag in a lot of relationships This memoir is basically a coming of age story Natalie grew up went to university studied and travelled abroad All the while uestioning her sexuality Her self Her worth And I did think that her going to America is what potentially saved her She finally had her distance from Matthew and throughout the whole time she started to see how dependent they were on each other and that it should stop The whole relationship was fucked up Matthew was fucked up You can definitely see it in his obsessive and utterly abusive emails The only sad thing is how fucked up it probably left Natalie This book reads like a fiction but its real life That is why it is so hard to write a full review or recommendation for it for go to