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Book ã ಸ್ವಪ್ನ ಸಾರಸ್ವತ Ç 474 pages ð Gopalakrishna pai ð ❮Reading❯ ➸ ಸ್ವಪ್ನ ಸಾರಸ್ವತ ➰ Author Gopalakrishna Pai – Swapna Saraswatha is the saga of migration of a community called SaSwapna Saraswatha is the saga of migration of a community called Saraswaths in the west coast of India extending from Goa to the south of Mangalore It captures the dominance of a colonial power over the region that began with the entry of the Portuguese about four hundred years ago The novel is a graphic description of the displacement of this strongly rooted community which saw its resurrection in a new area In the course This happens to be a book written by my relative and its about my ancestors having said that the rating isnt biased I genuinely loved the book Its one of those books where when you say that you could connect to the characters doesn't become cliched

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Of its narrative the novel traces the gradual changes in the structure of the family that moved from a closely knit joint family of the bygone era to the nuclear family It also deals with the factors that are responsible for the change in value systems of individuals in the wake of such paradigm shifts With its vast canvas it remarkably weaves fiction with myth and history peppered with cultural details and linguistic nua One of the best books i have ever read Must for all kannadigas to know how people from Goa migrated to karnataka and made karnatka their home How Portuguese forcefully converted our people and killed muslims How people left fertile land and migrated down south its history of our land how karnataka people embraced konkanis with open arms

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ಸ್ವಪ್ನ ಸಾರಸ್ವತNces The narration in Swapna Saraswatha progresses in the form of an epic detailing the story of nine generations spread over a period of two hundred and fifty years from to aboutIt encompasses than a hundred and fifty characters which include Hindus Muslims Christians chieftains traders farmers priests and black magicians and covers a range of themes spread across folk tales legends armies myths and a sprinkling of histor My first full Kannada novel and a Sahitya Academy Award winner at that Although it gets a tad slow here and there it's a good book overall Especially for Saraswats this book is a must read on the community's history people and it's temples