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READER Ï DOC The 100 By Kass Morgan Õ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The 100 Author Kass Morgan – No one has set foot on Earth in centuries—until nowEver since a devastating nuclear war humanity has lived on spaceships far above Earth's radioactive surface Now one hundred juvenile delinuents—c No one has set foot on Earth in cenNo one has set foot on Earth in centuries until nowEver since a devastating nuclear war humanity has lived on spaceships far above Earth's radioactive surface Now one hundred juvenile delinuents considered expendable by society are being sent on a dangerous mission to recolonize the planet It could be their second chance at lif A terrifying plan began to take shape and his chest tightened in fear as he realized what he would have to do But Wells knew there was no other way To save the girl he loved he’d have to endanger the entire human race FUCK YOU WELLS There is another way You stop being a selfish motherfucker whose brain is located in your fucking penisThis book is not a dystopian novel of a spaceship society It's not a post apocalyptic tale of survival It's not about the nitty gritty of life within a group of the only humans left in the universe It's a teenaged romance where the characters' intelligence ranges anywhere from 5 9 on the 1 10 scale of idiocy Whose life whose society whose spaceship colony has been endangered by a boy whose thought process first filters through his dickThe world building is piss poor and vague and of a scenic backdrop to the overwhelming romance centric plot instead of being the focal point If you are a reader who prefers their reads to be overwhelmingly romantic to the exclusion of an actual plot this book is for youSummary We're on a spaceship It's at least 300 years in the future not uite sure what happened nuclear stuff things went boom? BAM we're on a boat spaceship Accept it There are a lot of criminals Specifically than 100 but 100 criminals all of them teenagers ranging from 12 years old to 18 have been sentenced to go repopulate the poisonous Planet Earth to see if it's habitable or still poisoned and deadly to humans due to radiation This sentence might be a reprieve It might be a death sentence Who knows?Remember the whole the planet might be deadly thing? It's still in the air Who cares? Our intrepid boy Wells Jaha decides to sacrifice himself by committing a stupid and senseless crime in order to become a criminal and get shipped off to earth potentially sentencing himself to death so he can be with his ONE TWOO WUV Her name is Clarke Wells' dad is surprisingly chill about sending his only son off to his deathOne of the narrators Glass yes her name is Glass is not even on the damn ship headed to Earth I guess she's a part of the 100 but her part of the novel involves going shopping for clothes to wear to the comet viewing and mourning the loss of her relationship with her ex Luke and driving everyone fucking nuts by not letting anyone know until the very end why the fuck she a Phoenician socialite because socialites are so very important on a spaceship that's the last bastion of humanity wound up becoming a prisoner in the first place And when we're finally told the reason I just wanted to slap the girl upon the head because I have a lot of sympathy in me but stupidity doesn't deserve itWe also get to hear the stories from the POV of Bellamy Wells and Clarke as they go to Planet Earth and fall in love Who will Clarke choose? Will it be dreamy dark orphaned bad boy Bellamy? Will it be her gorgeous wealthy Judas of a knight in shining armor who's actually not a knight in shining armor after all but of a sad lost puppy who follows Clarke around with his tail and his brains between his legs He wasn’t the brave knight who’d come to rescue the princess He was the reason she’d been locked away in the dungeon Will they get to observe the sunset on earth? Will they get to hear the lovely joyful sound of a bird singing and marvel at its musicality? Will they share the first kiss on Earth in over 300 years?Wait a minute They're supposed to be trying to SURVIVE on a potentially hazardous nuclear damaged planetGet out of here No really Get out of here This isn't the book you want if you want a realistic survival taleThe Setting The crucial part to every dystopian novel is the setting the history the background This book takes that concept and tells it Fuck you rationality you have no place here I will do whatever the fuck I want and what I want is to completely ignore the background except for the very barest of details because I want this to be a love story overall and the background is just going to get in the way of the romanceTruly this book is just so vague and inconsistent in the development of a believable compelling setting The spaceship itself is so completely poorly defined The ship itself is barely mentioned in any detail We know there are three colonies on board Phoenix Walden Arcadia We don't know how many citizens there are We can't see the sun and the sunset even though we can see the comet and stars from on board We don't know how the three separate colonies are sectored up we don't know how they're sectored up we don't know their history or how they became that way We don't know where the spaceship is orbiting besides the fact that it takes about 30 minutes to get from the ship to Earth For some reason some sectors have water and resources than othersThere's no background There is no society There is no cultureFor a futuristic society there is a surprising lack of diversity Two of the main characters both girls have reddish blonde hairThere's a lack of resource and because of it people are killed So so many people are killed Most of them teenagers The premise is that teenage delinuents are captured for the smallest of infractions stealing food for example and sent to prison called Confinement There they stay until they're 18 where they get a Retrial which is an absolute joke because everyone knows that nobody ever ever gets a Pardon If you are less than 18 you get sent to prison until you're 18 Then you die Which doesn't really make any sense when the government of the ship could just sentence the kids to death right away as soon as they're convicted so save money resources And forget about committing a crime over the age of 18 You just get executed right away once you are convictedSO MANY PEOPLE ARE KILLED It makes no fucking sense You are also sentenced to die if you have than one child under a vague Gaia Doctrine It's a wonder there are any people left on the spaceship at all There is a surprising amount of hatred and resentment between the Waldens and the Phoenicians which would have been compelling if shit was actually EXPLAINEDThere is absolutely nothing about the spaceship that's anything beyond an idea of a vaguely futuristic concept The lack of background is utterly laughable if it wasn't so depressingly superficialAs for the Earth Do I really need to explain the preposterousness of it all? We don't even know how the Earth was destroyed except for some vague notion of a nuclear winter and a war that made the earth go boom There was some enigmatic concept of an event called the Pre Cataclysm which was once again NEVER EXPLAINED IN DETAIL There was something referred to as the burning of North America and that's pretty much all you get on that Radiation? What radiation There's an instance of a two headed deer Let's just pretend that nuclear fallout is limited to one weird animal and everything is all safe again after a few centuries Never mind radioactive traces in water and everything which could last for thousands of years Science? Fuck that shit It's all about the romanceThe Romance Utterly ludicrous There's 100 kids on board the spaceship sent to earth They're all kids They're from 12 18 years old Some are petty thieves some aren't criminals at all some are murderers Instead of some fucked up panedemonic Lord of the Flies situation we have a few hotheads among a bunch of largely calm kids who just let a rational guy whose father is the Chancellor take overAm I supposed to believe that?And in the midst of romance there's survival Wait a minute that sounds wrong It's supposed to be in the midst of survival there's a romance? No I said it right the first time The romance is so incredibly fucking overwhelming There is a love triangle He grabbed on to a branch for balance gasping as he tried to force air into his lungs The girl he’d risked his life to protect wasn’t just kissing someone else—she was kissing the hothead who may have gotten his father killed There are observations of Oh she's sooooooooo pretty Look at how the sunlight hits her hair in the middle of trying to salvage what's left of the medicine on board the ship Fuck you This is supposed to be a dystopian tale But no One of the characters the tough boy Bellamy even romanticizes the bags under Clarke's eyes GAG He cocked his head to the side and surveyed Clarke uizzically The skin under her eyes was bruised with exhaustion but the purple shadows just made them look greener Like what the fuck? And screw the medicine SCREW THE MEDICINE Survival is useless if you can't have the one you love He didn’t care whether they’d found the missing medicine There was no drug strong enough to repair a broken heart So you'd just let a poor girl die because you're too heartbroken you selfish prick?God There is so much idiocy in the name of love in this book From endangering the entire ship to potentially save a girl to potentially killing yourself so you can be with her to ignoring all common sense And the girl left on board the spaceship is no better Her name is Glass lol wtf Glass? she escaped Instead of running to her mother to say goodbye Glass goes to see her ex boyfriend Glass claims to be desperate to see her mother but there's no proof of it because despite the fact that she might be recaptured at any fucking moment she takes that ONE opportunity to see her ex Glass is not as sharp as wellglassGlass is in fucking Confinement She has been for six months She knows she's going to die If I knew I were going to die I'd be thinking of my own mortality not spending all that time mooning over a boy As an example of how idiotic Glass's thought process goes this is what she thinks upon seeing Luke again Being Luke’s ex girlfriend somehow felt odder than being an escaped convictThis book is too heavy on the romance to the detriment of the plot The remnants of the book is rendered utterly unsalvageable by the farcical actions of the main characters I didn't have any trouble distinguishing between the four narrators despite the fact that they are overwhelmingly similar in their idiocy Not recommended unless you want love shoved down your throat

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Eor it could be a suicide missionCLARKE was arrested for treason though she's haunted by the memory of what she really did WELLS the chancellor's son came to Earth for the girl he loves but will she ever forgive him? Reckless BELLAMY fought his way onto the transport pod to protect his sister the other half of the only pair of I think about this book all the time and to this day I cannot actually believe this book spawned the first two seasons of the 100 How did the tv shows' creators make anything half decent out of this shitshow? A uick list of the reasons the book doesn't live up to the tv show • Clarke is not a badass with complex morality• she's a shallow undeveloped prop for a love triangle because that’s what we need of in YA• Bellamy and Clarke have crappy romantic development I don't even ship them hard in the show but their relationship is fucking beautiful as a friendship too Here their relationship is creepy and based entirely on his abs Hate it• Wells is basically a creepy stalker rather than a guy who wants Clarke to be happy even if he can't be a part of that• Octavia is whiny and annoying rather than being a badass with a great character arc• where the fuck was Lincoln• No Raven Reyes whatsoever • was her character based on Glass?? Well Glass sucks In contrast Raven is my fucking wife• No subversion of a typical love triangle meaning no takedowns of girl hate meaning no book version of the Spacewalker episode meaning no Raven and Clarke's gorgeous beautiful perfect relationship• Every single character is white and straight?? oh my god there are literally no characters who aren't straight and white• And of course it pulls the brutal race of brown people trope out• I'm not saying the show was immune from this trope but the show at least has major nonwhite characters and the “other race” are sympathetic• Did I mention that there's literally no moral conflict? Or plot?• Did I mention Raven was literally not here• This had nothing to do with the tv show• The tv show is much better• Even though I hate season three with the burning passion of a thousand sunsDO NOT RECOMMEND If I were writing this in another time I'd throw in a ringing endorsement of the tv show but unfortunately it got terrible racism no moral conflicts bury your gays you’re still not game of thrones Shoutout to Raven and Clarke and Bellamy miss y’all

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The 100 By Kass MorgSiblings in the universe And GLASS managed to escape back onto the ship only to find that life there is just as dangerous as she feared it would be on EarthConfronted with a savage land and haunted by secrets from their pasts the hundred must fight to survive They were never meant to be heroes but they may be mankind's last hop With a fantastic premise and an overall interesting plot I can see why The 100 has already been signed on by CW as a TV series If only it was tightened up with better character development and a stronger dedication to world building instead of establishing the romantic angle it could have been a real page turner Nevertheless it's interesting enough to warrant a read I believe its success will lay in the TV series however100 teenagers are to be sent to earth after humans evacuated it 300 years prior due to a nuclear war After only a brief introduction we embark on this unnerving trip to a now foreign planet While I enjoyed this uick drop into the big picture I was left feeling like I'd missed the chance to get to know these people beforehand We do get flashbacks throughout the book which I first assumed would give us insight into the world and its characters but it merely expands the romance with nothing but minor glimpses at the happenings inside the ship Conseuently The 100 left me with endless uestions from the events that led to life on this ship to how life has been sustained for three centuries to how they have evolved and adapted especially technologically speaking I find it hard to believe they haven't been able to use satellites or other technology to keep track of Earth's condition to some extent Further when they get to earth aside from it being regrettably unexciting for a while I was unconvinced at how they could adapt so easily they don't seem to be affected by the sun or foreign bacteria like those found in all water sources for instance This leads me to problems in terms of character development First and foremost four POVs is not an easy feat so it was not unexpected to find little to no variation between character voices I kept needing to pay attention to recall which POV I was reading And don't forget my mention of flashbacks on top of it If we speak individually whether due to the number of perspectives or simply poor character building the characters are hard to grasp It's difficult to see them as real people or as anything other than plot devices How can a kid raised in a ship be an instant pro at hunting prey to the point of being able to shoot a bird with a bow and arrow in a matter of days or maybe a couple of weeks either is unrealistic with minimal effort? Additionally being the first humans to arrive on this planet in centuries who then must depend on each other to survive we get a group dynamic that remains mostly superficial I would have expected this to be the driving force of a story with such a settingIt may sound like I have a lot of negative to say about this book and thus telling you you should not read it but this is not the case In the end I have to admit that it kept my interest from start to finish due to its fascinating premise and my love of survival stories The book's short chapters makes it a uick read add some frightening turn of events on top of an ending that stirs up the pot and we have ourselves an entertaining read despite its flaws A lot depends on the seuel at this point If the author puts effort into making her world solid and her plot sustainable I think it could be one of those that's better rated as a series than its individual installments I would recommend this one to fans of the TV series Lost and sci fi romance An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads