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Fly Away Mobi · 108 pages ¸ Patricia maclachlan ¸ [Reading] ➰ Fly Away ➸ Patricia MacLachlan – From the Newbery Award–winning author of Sarah Plain and Tall comes a story about one brave girl who saves her family from losing everythingEveryone in Lucy’s family sings Opera Rap LullabFrom the Newbery Award–winning author of Sarah Plain and Tall comes a story about one brave girl who saves her family from losing everythingEveryone in Lucy’s family sings Oper A very sweet story Something I have come to expect and love from Patricia MacLachlan So heartwarming precious and real The almost poetic but perfect writing gets me every time Everyone must read at least one of her books in their lifetime 5 stars all the way

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A Rap Lullabies Everyone except Lucy Lucy can’t sing her voice just won’t come out Just like singing helping Aunt Frankie prepare for flooding season is a family tradition even Patricia MacLachlan has had a way of turning out books like Fly Away on a dizzyingly freuent basis often two or three times each year The stories are sweet and homey filled with real people who act like the ones we're friends with or have in our families These people have flaws but are usually big hearted too even if their hurts have eclipsed the expression of that big heartedness temporarily The children created by Patricia MacLachlan are keenly observant of the wondrous complex world around them not taking for granted what it has to offer but still very much children young and flighty and wanting to have a good time especially with loved ones Like the author's Newbery Medal winning Sarah Plain and Tall Fly Away isn't a long novel but its meaning will linger on in the reader a while after the story has been finished It is this particular gift for storytelling that Patricia MacLachlan has long used to touch people's lives and which she has never faltered in extending to its utmost I feel the same way about a blank page that my Mama feels about her old home in North Dakota I love it because it is fresh and clean I hate it because I have to fill it — Fly Away P 22 Lucy and her family are taking a long trip across the country to visit their Aunt Frankie It's Lucy her mother her father called Boots because he wears Boots Lucy's younger sister Gracie and the baby of the family golden haired Teddy who is not yet two years of age The family is headed to help Aunt Frankie deal with the scary flooding that happens around her house in season perennially threatening not only the land but the house itself as well as anyone choosing to live there As Lucy's family makes the multi day drive to Frankie's house Lucy thinks on her ambition to become what her father once was before uitting to pursue farming a poet Lucy ruminates on her secret dream which she hopes to prove she can fulfill before letting her father in on it Lucy loves words of every variety and timbre but the words of song won't flow properly from her throat For her singing enjoyment she leans on the naturally silver tones of her little brother Sneaking into Lucy's room at night Teddy sings familiar songs la la la ing in place of syllables which are still a bit too complicated for him to form Teddy's singing is a secret; he only does it for Lucy and she joyfully receives the honor of being the miniature divo's sole audience But everyone has a secret goal or two even if those goals are harder to define than Lucy's Her mother longs for her old home where Frankie now resides to live and love again in its hallways but at the same time she wants no part of it Feelings old and new have a hard time settling down when they've been stirred up but the subtleties of family emotion will have to take a back burner position to the imminent threat of flooding The river by Frankie's house swollen dangerously by the season's precipitation is climbing uncomfortably close to the old house There are things that can be done to curtail its rise from destroying the house but after a point it becomes a waiting game on nature hoping the rains halt before Frankie's home is engulfed by a raging river All the helpful neighbors in the county can't stop the river if the rain continues pouring But even the sentimental importance of a valued family home pales when something of greater worth is placed in peril The majesty of the bank less river an impassive force for all its glory can snatch from a mother's arms the pride and happiness of her life the one treasure she can't afford to lose and it may reuire the sharing of long held secrets to save that which was taken Nothing makes us appreciate what we have than to teeter on the precipice of a loss that borders on unimaginable Fly Away is as subtle as any juvenile novel its message hard to pin down but surely there No one but the two kids involved are privy to the beauty of Teddy's nightly gift to Lucy the gift of his high harmonious voice to keep her company through the darkness of night until the emergence of dawn's gentle light The boy never seems to tire of his lilting lullabies for his sister garlanding the space the siblings inhabit with his sweet golden notes a song only for him and her to enjoy a brief intimacy of purpose that binds the two inseparably There is no gift like the sharing of a secret treasure offering it to one we want to show how much we care It was the unpolished beauty of nature that inspired Lucy's father to give up poetry for farming declaring You can't write anything better than a cow True that may be but nor can anyone write anything better than a fair haired toddler crooning his sister to sleep hushed melodies calming every insecurity in the drowsy pleasure of twilight consciousness Does Teddy make Fly Away the book it is Maybe but so does Lucy for openhandedly receiving the musical devotions of her toddler sibling and understanding them for the uniue gift they are Not everyone has someone like Teddy in their world able and willing to shed such luminous light into their lives on a nightly basis in one form or another Those who do are most fortunate and we recognize that fortune Nothing could be special A longer deeper novel could have been made out of Fly Away but that isn't Patricia MacLachlan's style Her stories are crafted from the subtle magic of families drawing closer and discovering what they have in one another that they couldn't see at the beginning of the book the simple reward of perceiving at last that chasing a rainbow to its opposite end isn't necessary if we're already standing next to the pot of gold at one end In simplicity of speech and narrative we learn that real life imperfect and annoying as it can be is beautiful enough to own and cherish and never willingly relinuish Like so many of Patricia MacLachlan's books Fly Away captures that truth gracefully if not in mind blowing fashion I would give it two and a half stars and recommend it without hesitation to the author's fans If you loved The Truth of Me White Fur Flying The True Gift Waiting for the Magic The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt or anything in the Sarah Plain and Tall uintet chances are you'll love Fly Away too This story will do a lot of good for many many people

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Fly AwayIf Frankie doesn’t want the help And this year when the flood arrives danger finds its way into the heart of Lucy’s family and Lucy will need to find her voice to save her broth Lucy savors secrets and keeps two important ones hidden from her close knit family The five of them along with Mama's three chickens drive in a Volkswagen bus from Massachusetts to North Dakota to help an aunt during flooding seasonPatricia MacLachlan's characters really come to life in her brief novels and this one is a stellar example of the author's ability to infuse so much humanity into her fiction But the plot is fairly uiet for most of this story with the real action being suished into chapters 5 8 and chapter 10 of the book's 11 chapters Because of that I do wonder if this children's chapter book would hold the interest of its target audience I enjoyed it uite a lot but I'm an adult reader who loves character centric fiction