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The first book in a new arc of the Septimus Heap series telling the story of Alice TodHunter Moon a young PathFinder who comes to the Castle with a Magyk all her ownSeven years after the events of the original Septimus Heap series a young PathFinder named Alice TodHunter Moon who insists on being called Tod sets out from her se 2016Well finally did it It's been 2 years since its actual publication but I finally went ahead and bought the book after having to accept that no edition without those really annoying unevenly shredded page edges was going to come out and no way was I passing up this gorgeous cover and finally read it I told myself I'd refresh my memory and reread Fyre before starting on Sage's new seuel trilogy to one of my favorite series but I'm in such desperate need for new books to read every year now that I didn't feel like spending the extra time on one I'd already readI'm going to admit now I was pretty worried worried that the Septimus Heap charm would no longer work on me and that any attachment I still have to the series was purely due to nostalgia it's been awhile since my last reread of any of the previous books Also my anticipation for starting PathFinder was somewhat lessened after flipping through its pages every time I saw a copy in a bookstore and freuently running across familiar names from the original series; Marcia Septimus Nicko Jenna Snorri practically everyone is here at least mentioned in passing if not actually present I know I was excited about the original cast being in this book when it was first announced but I was really looking forward to a story completely separate from the Castle and its inhabitants would in fact have been completely content with small cameos in a single sceneAnd at first it was actually going really well; we're introduced to Tod and her friend Oskar both of whom live in a village by the sea far away from the Castle and we get a nice setup of Tod and Oskar wanting to rescue Oskar's sister Ferdie We've got an interesting new location new protagonists new villains And it kept being good in typical Angie Sage fashion with crazy antics ensuing and escapes and animals and monstersBut then somewhere along the line in fact when the setting returned to the Castle the story screeched to a halt and seemed to switch over the reins to the characters from the original series Tod started to feel like a guest in her own story and even halfway through the book I still felt like I hardly really knew herThen I just sort of got caught up in it again like it was just another Sep Heap book but Todd's presence kept nagging at the back of my mind view spoilerParticularly since Septimus asked her to be his apprentice at the end because I don't think she ever displayed any real prowess at magyk aside from her Pathfinder powers to make Sep think she'd be great apprentice material hide spoiler

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PathFinderDentity as a PathFinder and navigate the often dangerous Ancient WaysFull of Angie Sage’s characteristic humor and heart PathFinder celebrates the joy of discovering one’s own personal Magyk and of choosing the path that lets that Magyk flourish and growPerfect for anyone who can’t get enough of the world of Septimus Heap This is going to be SO awesome Fyre left me pining for and while it's not exactly Septimus Heap at least I still have something to look forward to in the Septimus department I absolutely positively cannot wait But somehow I have to

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Download reader ✓ PathFinder ✓ ß dcmdirect Í ➥ [Ebook] ➠ PathFinder By Angie Sage ➯ – The first book in a new arc of the Septimus Heap series telling the story of Alice TodHunter Moon a young PathFinder who comes to the Castle with a Magyk all her ownSeven years afteAside village to rescue her friend Ferdie from the malevolent Lady She receives help from ExtraOrdinary Wizard Septimus Heap and Ex–ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand but the Lady’s brother the Darke Sorcerer Oraton Marr has a plan that will put everyone Tod holds dear in danger To save her people Tod must embrace her i I read as much as I could stand It's not that it's bad it's just too teen oriented for my tastes So does anyone have any fantasy recommendations Something in the adult line say on par with Game of Thrones I know that GoT centers on plenty of teens so it might seem hypocritical but their charactersscenes were handled on a mature level