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mobi ☆ My Friend Flicka ✓ Mary O'Hara It seems Ken can't do anything right He loses saddle blankets and breaks reinsbut then comes the worst news yet a report card so bad that he h Ken is a kid who can't do anything right He daydreams during the school year and isn't promoted He is the object of his older brother's scorn He makes a mess of everything he is asked to do on his father's ranch; his father is fed up with him Just when you think Ken is doomed to a life of failure his mother has an imaginative idea give Ken what he wants most a horse of his own a horse to break and teach and love And because he loves his wife and because he can't think of anything else Ken's father agrees and allows Ken to choose a colt to raiseKen chooses Flicka a colt with a wild and unmanageable mother Ken's father tries to change his son's mind but Ken stubbornly clings to his desire for Flicka And once again it feels like Ken is heading for doom that he has once again made the wrong choice But though Flicka and Ken have many setbacks Ken's decision to choose Flicka is a good one and both Ken and Flicka become stronger for their trials and troubles This is a great story of courage and redemption and love and struggle

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doc ¼ My Friend Flicka ↠ Paperback ✓ dcmdirect ☆ ➸ My Friend Flicka Free ➮ Author Mary O'Hara – It seems Ken can't do anything right He loses saddle blankets and breaks reinsbut then comes the worst news yet a report card so bad that he has to repeat a grade How can Filly with a wild spirit Over the course of one magical summer both will learn the meaning of responsibility courage and ultimately friendship I think this book is my all time favorite I say this because I have read it every 2 years or so since I was young I can't really say that about any other book although I am one of those people that will keep and reread several times books that I like 'My Friend Flicka` is set on a ranch south west of Tie Siding Wyoming Since we live in this area the setting is familiar even though things have changed a lot since 1941 Basically it is your typical coming of age story but it can interest readers of all ages because it's not just about young Ken McLaughlin but his entire family in particular his mother Nell I like stories where most of the action takes place out of doors and that go seriously into the relationships between humans and animals with care Flicka is a really strong element in this story with very well developed character and behavior Still there is so much practicality involved in the way the McLaughlin family and friends approach ranching and living in 1940's Wyoming that it doesn't ever really fall into the sentimental or maudlin I only wish Mary O'Hara had written books along this line instead of going to Hollywood to write screenplays or whatever it was she did I always felt that Nell was almost too close to her and that Nell's breakdown was actually Mary O'Hara'sless

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My Friend FlickaAs to repeat a grade How can you tame the dreamy mind of a boy who stares out of the window instead of taking an exam Enter Flicka the chestnut A vivid story about ten year old Ken McLaughlin and his connection with Flicka a filly born on his parents' ranch in Wyoming Ken a sensitive boy given to daydreaming confounds his father Rob McLaughlin whose personality is forthright assertive and demanding When Ken is offered a choice of a young horse to raise and train as his own he chooses Flicka an animal his father believes will be troublesome and untameable But Ken has already imagined his life with Flicka and refuses to make a different choiceKen's mother Nell has a much greater understanding of her younger son's temperament She holds her own among the male dominated life on Goose Bar Ranch and subtly runs interference with her husband on Ken's behalf Howard Ken's older brother alternates between wanting to keep the upper hand over his younger sibling and softening on occasion to help Ken out The first half of the story builds up to the capture of Flicka and the second half follows the forming of the deep bond between horse and boy and the price they each pay for their connection I first read this story as a ten or 11 year old I was not a horse obsessed kid but reading My Friend Flicka Thunderhead and Green Grass of Wyoming tapped into a longing for the unspoken bond that can happen with an animal It also painted a picture of a landscape of hills grasslands mountains wide open skies and ranch life that resonated with me and was so different from my own Re reading this book as an adult did not disappoint I was interested to see how well the the shifting points of view from Ken to Nell to Rob and occasionally Gus the ranch manager worked to add to the emotional tension It is not typical of the way current children's books are written using the adult POV to create empathy with the child protagonist Here we feel empathy for each POV character The conflict between Ken and his father and between the humans and nature drive the story effectively The descriptions are specific and vivid both of setting and people The story has an intensity to it as it portrays life on a Wyoming ranch in a particular time and placeThis was as satisfying a read as an adult as I remember as a child