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Acclaimed by many as the world's greatest novel Anna Karenina provides a vast panorama of contemporary life in Russia and of humanity in general In it Tolstoy uses his intense imaginative insight to create some of the most memorable characters in all of literature In the beginning reading Anna Karenin can feel a little like visiting Paris for the first time You’ve heard a lot about the place before you go Much of what you see from the bus you recognize from pictures and movies and books You can’t help but think of the great writers and artists who have been here before you You expect to like it You want to like it But you don’t want to feel like you have to like it You worry a little that you won’t But after a few days you settle in and you feel the immensity of the place opening up all around you You keep having this experience of turning a corner and finding something beautiful that you hadn’t been told to expect or catching sight of something familiar from a surprising angle You start to trust the abundance of the place and your anxieties that someone else will have eaten everything up before your arrival relax Maybe that simile reveals about me than I’d likeMy favorite discovery was the three or four chapters out of the book’s 239 devoted to of all things scythe mowing—chapters that become a celebratory meditation on physical labor When I read those chapters I felt temporarily cured of the need to have something “happen” and became as absorbed in the reading as the mowers are absorbed in their work Of course the book is about Anna and Vronsky and Levin and Kitty and Dolly and poor stupid Stepan Arkadyich It’s about their love and courtship and friendship and pride and shame and jealousy and betrayal and forgiveness and about the instable variety of happiness and unhappiness But it’s also about mowing the grass and arguing politics and hunting and working as a bureaucrat and raising children and dealing politely with tedious company To put it accurately it’s about the way that the human mind—or as Tolstoy sometimes says the human soul—engages each of these experiences and tries to understand itself the world around it and the other souls that inhabit that world This book is not afraid to take up any part of human life because it believes that human beings are infinitely interesting and infinitely worthy of compassion And what I found stirring the book’s fearlessness extends to matters of religion Tolstoy takes his characters seriously enough to acknowledge that they have spiritual lives that are as nuanced and mysterious as their intellectual lives and their romantic lives I knew to expect this dimension of the book but I could not have known how encouraging it would be to dwell in it for so longIn the end this is a book about life written by a man who is profoundly in love with life Reading it makes me want to live

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Анна КаренинаAnna is a sophisticated woman who abandons her empty existence as the wife of Karenin and turns to Count Vronsky to fulfil her passionate nature with tragic conseuences Levin is a reflection of Tolstoy himself often expressing the author's own views and convictions People are going to have to remember that this is the part of the review that is entirely of my own opinion and what I thought of the book because what follows isn't entirely positive but I hope it doesn't throw you off the book entirely and you still give it a chance Now my thoughtsI picked up this book upon the advice of Oprah and her book club and my friend Kit They owe me hardcore now As does Mr Tolstoy This book was an extremely long read not because of it's size and length necessarily but because of it's content More often than not I found myself suddenly third a way down the page after my mind wandered off to other thoughts but I kept on reading am I the only one with the ability to do that? You know totally zoning out but continuing to read? The subject I passed over though was so thoroughly boring that I didn't bother going back to re read it and it didn't affect my understanding of future events taking place later on in the bookLeo Tolstoy really enjoys tangents Constantly drifting away from the point of the book to go off on three page rants on farming methods political policies and elections or philosophical discussion on God Even the dialogue drifted off in that sort of manner Tolstoy constantly made detail of trifling matters while important subjects that added to what little plot line this story had were just passed over Here is a small passage that is a wonderful example of what constantly takes place throughout the book Kostia look out There's a bee Won't he sting? cried Dolly defending herself from a waspThat's not a bee; that's a wasp said LevinCome now Give us your theory demanded Katavasof evidently provoking Levin to a discussion Why shouldn't private persons have that right?No mention of the wasp is made again Just a small example of how Tolstoy focuses much on philosophical thought and thought in general than any sort of action that will progress the story further That's part of the reason the story took so long to get throughThe editing and translation of the version I got also wasn't very good Kit reckons that that's part of the reason I didn't enjoy it as much and I am apt to agree with her If you do decide to read this book your better choice is to go with the Oprah's Book Club edition of Anna KareninaThe characters weren't too great either and I felt only slightly sympathetic for them at certain moments The women most often were whiny and weak while the men seemed cruel and judgemental often than not Even Anna who was supposedly strong willed and intelligent would go off on these irrational rants The women were constantly jealous and the men were always suspiciousThere's not much else to say that I haven't already said There were only certain spots in the book which I enjoyed in the littlest and even then I can't remember them All in all I did not enjoy this book and it earned the names Anna Crapenina and Anna KareniblahBut remember this is just one girl's opinion if it sounded like a book you might enjoy I highly advise going out to read it Just try and get the Oprah edition

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Download Epub ↠ Анна Каренина ï 964 pages ✓ Leo tolstoy ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Анна Каренина By Leo Tolstoy – Acclaimed by many as the world's greatest novel Anna Karenina provides a vast panorama of contemporary life in Russia and of humaThroughout Tolstoy points no moral merely inviting us not to judge but to watch As Rosemary Edmonds comments 'He leaves the shifting patterns of the kaleidoscope to bring home the meaning of the brooding words following the title 'Vengeance is mine and I will repay Not since I read The Brothers Karamazov have I felt as directly involved in characters' worlds and minds FascinatingI was hooked on Anna Karenina from the opening section when I realized that Tolstoy was brilliantly portraying characters' thoughts and motivations in all of their contradictory complex truth However Tolstoy's skill is not just in characterization though he is the master of that art His prose invokes such passion There were parts of the book that took my breath because I realized that what I was reading was pure feeling when we realize that Anna is no longer pushing Vronsky away when Levin proposes to Kitty and later when Levin thinks about death The book effectively threw a shroud over me and sucked me in I almost missed my train stop a couple of timesThat being said there were some parts that were difficult to get through I felt myself slowing down in Part VI I was back in through the remainder of the book once I hit Part VII but I understand how the deep dive into politics and farming can be off putting Still in those chapters Tolstoy's characters are interacting and it's incredible to see them speak and respond to one another It's not only worth the trouble but deep down it's no trouble at all It's to be savored and sometimes we must be forced to slow down and think about the characters' daily life as they navigate around in their relationshipsA word about this translation When I was in college I attempted to read the Constance Garnett translation I didn't stop because it was awful I think finals came up then the holidays then classes etc However I never really felt like the words were as powerful as they should have been Years later the only image that stuck in my mind was of Levin meeting Kitty at the ice skating rink I just never really entered the world of Anna Karenina perhaps my fault than anything However the diction and sentence construction in Pevear and Volokhonsky's translation is poetic and justifies the title masterpiece Through this translation I grew to appreciate Tolstoy not just because he told good philosophical stories but because he could do so with utmost subtletly and compactness yes I think Tolstoy is concise Each word has its placeUnderstandably many are unwilling to give themselves to this book Many expect it to do all of the work But it's an even better read because if the reader works the experience of reading this book is incredible