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Read The Cost Disease doc ½ Hardcover ↠ William J. Baumol ´ [Read] ➭ The Cost Disease By William J. Baumol – The exploding cost of health care in the United States is a source of widespread alarm Similarly the upward spiral of college tuition fees is cause for serious concern In thNd offers a surprisingly simple explanation Baumol identifies the cost disease as a major source of rapidly rising costs in service sectors of the economy Once we understand that disease he explains effective responses become apparentBaumol presents his analysis with characteristic clarity tracing the fast rising prices o Ehhhh I have mixed feelings on this book The first time I read it I thought I finally understood why healthcare in the United States costs such an ungodly amount Buuut after reading a couple of other books Priced Out by Uwe Reinhardt the Price we Pay by Marty Makary it's easy to see there's much going on than labor costs keeping costs high Baumol's book is great to get an understanding of what the cost disease is but if you want a well rounded view you have to read a book or two His book was really well written though

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F health care and education in the United States and other major industrial nations then examining the underlying causes which have to do with the nature of providing labor intensive services The news is good Baumol reassures us because the nature of the disease is such that society will be able to afford the rising costs Sometimes I forget how I find the books I buy Usually it is one of two ways I either find the book while browsing or the book is referenced in another book I read I remember seeing The Cost Disease in another book but I can’t really remember which one But I found it on enjoyed the reviews and saw that it was relatively inexpensive so I decided to give it a goThe Cost Disease is a heavy academic work This is not a typical light read in popular economics like Freakonomics It is very interesting book that tackles the common misunderstandings of our economyI am a millennial working in higher education with baby boomer parents It seems like every day I am being bombarded with uestions about the cost of higher education and health care Both institutions are notorious for their skyrocketing costs over the years The Cost Disease gives us a solid answer to the uestion In short health care and higher education will continue to increase but fortunately the buying power of consumers will continue to increase as well And of course there is some fine print not included in my short summaryI am sure you can ask a dozen economists the same uestion and you will get a dozen different answers but The Cost Disease offers a good researched response to this huge uestion

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The Cost DiseaseThe exploding cost of health care in the United States is a source of widespread alarm Similarly the upward spiral of college tuition fees is cause for serious concern In this concise and illuminating book the well known economist William J Baumol The Cost Epubexplores the causes of these seemingly intractable problems a A book that develops a convincing hypothesis on why healthcare costs have exploded over the past few decades while cars and other consumables have declined in price The first half of the book is academic and reads like a research paper abstract Arguments were well constructed and Baumol provided a lot of data to prove his point which I definitely appreciate The latter parts of the book where the author collaborated with a few others on the content felt less than well written and some of the examples were superficial for example the authors devoted an entire Chapter 9 to singing praises for IBM