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Lord of Darkness Book Ú 360 pages ë ➞ [Epub] ❥ Lord of Darkness By Elizabeth Hoyt ➨ – Dcmdirect.co.uk When Strangers In The NightHe lives in the shadows As the mysterious masked avenger known as the Ghost of St Giles Godric St John's only goal is to protect the innocent of London Until the night he co When Strangers InE and so much Desire Is The Ultimate DangerWhen passion flares these two intimate strangers can't keep from revealing of themselves than they had ever planned But when Margaret learns the truth that the Ghost is her husband the game is up and the players must surrenderto the temptation that could destroy them bot This is definitely not one of my favs in the series I might even give it 275 stars So given this unhappy feeling I'll focus my review on what I didn't likeThe Heroine annoyed the hell out of me She's immature rash and brash She has no thought to anyone but herself She got herself pregnant with one man's child got married to another man because her brother arranged it to save her reputation She never once wondered whether the second man wanted to marry her and didn't care beyond her own suffering Then she has the audacity to demand that her husband service her like a stud because she wants a baby even tho he's still in love with his late wife and has told her uite bluntly he didn't want to betray his love At this point I am beginning to hate this heroineBut that's not all folks She also wants her current husband who is playing stud for her against his wishes to find the killer of her dead lover at great cost to her husband's safety he gets injured than once And BTW she's stupid enough to stab him herself And shot at him too What the hell kind of heroine is this???? She's Fing STUPIDReally HATE her And BTW even after her husband clearly shows that he LOVES her is doing everything for her she still sends him to his death about 85% of the way in Whhaaaatttt??But the husband the Hero Godric doesn't get off either He's supposedly sooooo in love with his late wife he's comitted himself to suicidal missions as the Ghost of St Giles He's a celibate monk And yet just because his nubile young wife asks him to bed her to make a baby he gives in to tempation and lets her have her way with him he struggles all through the novel not as stupidly long as she does but still and then in the end he says oh I loved you all along since before you propositioned me since the second letter you wrote me in fact Ehhhhh?????Then what the hell were you struggling for all along????It's like the author had bipolar disorder while writing this thing Like she couldn't make up her mind what was what This is not the first of EH's novels I've had major issues with But it's rare I don't cut her any slack tho I was disappointed Everything was contrived and forced fit Not her best work

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Reading has vowed to kill the Ghost of St Giles the man who murdered her one true love Returning to London and to the man she hasn't seen since their wedding day Margaret does not recognize the man behind the mask Fierce commanding and dangerous the notorious Ghost of St Giles is everything she feared he would b Sale Alert April Monthly Kindle Deal for 199I never thought Godric was a sexy name until this book The narrator has now given me a pavlovian response to that name I’m very happy that this is yet another book in this series without a notorious Rake in it It also has one of my favorite tropes of the marriage of convenience to a stranger that blooms into love Godric is a hero I can really get behind He loved his wife dearly and stayed true to her all through their marriage and her devastating sickness He probably would have gone to his grave never even thinking about loving or taking to be another woman if it were not Griffin blackmailing him into marrying his sister MegsMegs is pretty adorable with her rambling talking and vivaciousness she is a bit infectious Megs was in a delicate way when Griffin arranged the marriage between her and Godric St John It was a whirlwind and Megs floated through it dazed and bereft of the man she loved that was killed just a short time before Then she disappeared into Godric’s country home and stayed there for two years But now she has come out of hiding because she wants one thing from the man she married and hasn’t seen since A baby She also wants to kill the Ghost of St Giles thought to have killed her prior love “BUT HOW EXACTLY did one go about seducing a husband one hardly knew?” Godric isn’t certain what to do with all the life that has been brought into his dusty old home when Meg shows up with half his country household and some members of his estranged family He is so stoic that he tries so hard not to let it affect him in any way but Megs is pretty infectious and so it is very difficult not to come to life in many ways when she is around “He looked down at her as he eased from the bed Why such a creature of light and love and life should have come to him he could not fathom But he was grateful Very grateful” I really did enjoy how this story played out and Megs draws Godric out of shell They both lost someone they loved very much Godric had years of watching his wife in pain so was prepared for the loss Meg’s relationship was near the beginning and so it was still was new and burned bright but she has so much to learn about love and Godric has decided that maybe he could show herThere is dangerous fun as Godric is also one of the men parading around as the Ghost of St Giles The Lassie Snatchers are back and if Gordic finds who is behind it he might also solve the mystery of who killed Megs first love as well All and all I enjoyed this story and was so happy that two people who lost so much were able to find each other

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Lord of DarknessWhen Strangers In The NightHe lives in the shadows As the mysterious masked avenger known as the Ghost of St Giles Godric St John's only goal is to protect the innocent of London Until the night he confronts a fearless young lady pointing a pistol at his head and realizes she is his wifeBecome LoversLady Margaret 45 starsLady Margaret Megs Reading has decided to join her husband in London For two reasons Firstly she wants to kill the Ghost of St Giles believing as she does that he had murdered her fiancé Secondly she wants to seduce her husband Problem is her husband and the Ghost of St Giles are one and the sameMegs has spent the past two years seuestered in the countryside away from her husband Godric St John in London Their arranged marriage has suited both sides But now Megs is desperate for a baby Godric committed to his role as the Ghost is resigned to his lonely celibate life He's had his one shot at love with Clara his first wife and has no intention of consummating his second marriage So how does one go about seducing one's husband?The lassie snatchers are still at work in St Giles kidnapping poor female children off the streets using them as slave labour in workshops making expensive garments for their greedy owners The first half of this book though not actually disappointing bore a lot of resemblance to the plot line of book #4 Thief of Shadows featuring the first Ghost Winter Makepeace Although of course it is written very wellThe romance though between Godric and Megs makes this once again a must read story in the Maiden Lane series Elizabeth Hoyt writes some of the most sensual scenes in historical romance Her beautiful expectant build up of sexual tension and her delightfully delicious love scenes make this another 45 star read for meThe beginning of each chapter opens with a few paragraphs of the Legend of the Helleuin Don't skip over this lovely story within a story It's beautifully written and parallels the main story of the Lord of DarknessWe are also introduced to the hero the Duke of Wakefield and heroine Artemis Greaves companion to Lady Penelope in the next book Duke of Midnight with an excerpt at the end of Lord of DarknessThis Maiden Lane series does not seem to be running out of steam as so often happens I wonder how much longer Ms Hoyt can maintain this high standard without running out of fresh ideas Good news it didn't happen hereAnother fantastic addition to this excellent seriesSteam 35 ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley