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kindle Ð Crystal Gardens Ü Amanda Quick Lucas Sebastian has never been one to ignore a lady in danger even if she is trespassing on his property u Crystal Gardens is for readers who enjoy their historical romance with strong paranormal elements In this case a huge part of the story is the concept of 'psychical energies' Both Evangeline and Lucas have paranormal abilities and they are drawn to Crystal Gardens Lucas' deceased uncle's estate by no accident In the case of Lucas he comes to investigate his uncle's murder Evangeline comes to soak up the atmosphere and work on her series of serial novels and also to investigate the place that her father a man who studied psychical energies and invented machines that ran on these energies was obsessed with Evangeline is also fleeing a murderer and ends up running right into Lucas' arms which is a very good thing Lucas is just the knight in tarnished armor to keep her safeI enjoyed listening to this book on audio but it did fall short overall The narrator has a very dramatic way of reading it Sometimes her voice sounded a little odd especially when she narrated the male characters but I loved her British accent and that each character sounded distinctive I think that uick's books lend themselves very well to audiobooks Her style is very focused on the mystery components and the romance seems to take a bit of a back seat at times This would probably bother me if I was reading than when I listen to books That is not to say that the romance wasn't good It was I just could have used than I got I do feel that she emphasized the paranormal elements too much She used the term 'psychical' excessively I think that the reader gets the point about the paranormal energies and she could have spent time on building up the story in other ways I do think uick excelled in her descriptions of the Gardens and its otherworldly atmosphere I felt like I was there in the Gardens which might be a very strange experience indeed Unfortunately the characters didn't feel as well developed as I would have liked I found Evangeline and Lucas likable and intriguing but I don't feel that I knew them as well as I wanted I feel that uick did telling about them than showing Maybe she could have caused their characterization come to light organically if she had spent time on revealing who they were than explaining about the paranormal elements of the Crystal Gardens At the end of the story I could feel their attraction and feelings for each other but I didn't get to explore this powerful love that supposedly had developed between them Since this is a romance that is crucial I found the love scenes well written and passionate and I really liked this about the book I did feel the attraction between Evangeline and Lucas although uick sort of stole its impact by implying it was related to the psychical energies Lucas is the kind of hero I love strong intelligent compelling and dangerous in an appealing way but something was missing from his portrayal Evangeline was a good person a sweet woman who is independent and intelligent and I wanted things to work out for her but she wasn't distinctive as a character The secondary character were barely fleshed out I did like Evangeline's friends Clarissa and Beatrice as well as Lucas' si

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Crystal Gardens kindle ð Paperback read Ø dcmdirect ✓ [Read] ➳ Crystal Gardens By Amanda Quick – Lucas Sebastian has never been one to ignore a lady in danger even if she is trespassing on his property uickly disposing of her would be assassin he insists they keep the matter private Ther Ickly disposing of her would be assassin he insists they keep the matter private There are rumours enough I never thought that I would be giving such a low rating to a book written by an author who used to be one of my favorites but here you have it This book was a failure a malfunction if you will Okay enough of that This is what irks me about this bookThis story is supposed to be taking place sometime in the late 1800's from what I gather during the latter part of the Victorian Era though there is no time stamp at the beginning of the story unlike with most of Amanda uick's books But what makes this the Victorian Era? A few gaslights and candlelight? A few chemises and carriage rides? The language is utterly modern very non British I might add filled with idioms not used during this time period I half expected the main characters to start texting one another on their iphonesAnd speaking of the main characters I don't know about you but I believe that a good comfort read romance should have characters that the reader can admire or at the very least not detest Not so with Crystal Gardens and Lucas Sebastian I get that he is supposed to be the mistaken villain of the piece turned hero as Evie believes the villainhero of her sensational writings to be But what makes Lucas a good guy? He is a freakin murderer no matter that he murders bad guys Case in point the knife wielding Sharpy Hobson is no saint but the way in which Lucas disposes of him is rather disturbing And Lucas does it again later on with the actor trying to hurt Evie and the man who hurt his stepmother Vengeance anyone?As for Evie she is merely boring same as the nonexistent romance Telling the reader that Lucas and Evie are made for each other does not convince me I need evidence beyond a heated look or two Not that I cared one way or another if the two of them lived happily ever after or not I just wanted the story to end The multiple mysteries dragged on and on And with the addition of each new character the existing characters felt the need to restate what the reader already knew to bring all the new characters up to speed sparing no details Repetition anyone?I guess I am somewhat upset can you tell? because when I think back to all the wonderful books this author has written I can see that she has either lost her touch run out of stories to tell or is so immersed in the paranormal aspects of her stories that the characters and any uniueness they might have possessed have ceased to matter Still I keep reading her books hoping she will recapture that earlier magic in her writing which was before the Arcane novels and all their offshoots choked the life out of her novels Enough is enough already Yes I know that no one is forcing me to read them But let me just finish my rant by saying this Bring back the magic Ms uickKrentzCastle and I don't mean the kind generated by crystals

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Crystal GardensAlready about treasure buried under his garden and occult botanical experiments performed by his late uncl Re read 18213 My opinion of this new series JAK book hasn't changed it is still well written good characters Victorian England at its paranormal romance bestThat said JAK has repeated some plot points from previous books the people eating plant maze the Sensation Writer heroine the murky crystals and the most obvious one the psychical nature of our Hh It so obviously draws on the Arcane books without ever mentioning them The paranormal creepy gardens surrounding the almost abandoned house of the dead mad botanist inherited by our Hero Lucas Sebastian becomes its own characterOur Paid CompanionSensation WriterPrivate Enuiry Agent heroine Evangeline Ames who is renting the cottage on the edge of said creepy garden flees towards it at 2am to avoid a knife wielding would be murdererAnd the plot is set JAK weaves effortlessly between several subplots murders attempted murders missing servants treasure hunters with the menace of the garden increasing all the timeLooking forward to the next Ladies of Lantern Street novel