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From Forluin green half fabled land of beauty and peace has journeyed the gentle Estarinel bearing tragic news From the terrible Empire of Gorethria rides Ashurek a lean and deadly warrior Blackbird in eBook #230 once High Commander of its Armies scourge Three mismatched companions start out on a uest to find a way to kill the great serpent M'gulfn that is trying to destroy the Earth The serpent is slowly spreading despair and anguish causing wars and laying countries to waste so nothing can grow or survive there I first read this book about 20 years ago and it's survived 4 house moves my years and university and many many book clear outs It's rare that I remember much that happens in books I've read before and I don't remember how it ends or how it started but what I do remember is the feeling I got reading this series That's stopped me getting rid of the books many times over the years I always meant to re read it but in a few months I'm going to a convention where Freda Warrington will be appearing so I thought I should read it again before I take it to get it signedThe way it's written reminds me of how Ursula Le Guin or Tanith Lee writes It's uite simplistic in style almost in the way a children's book would be though the content is very adult and the characters find themselves in some dark situations The three companions that set out on the uest have rich and detailed backstories and don't instantly bond Ashurek's story is very detailed and he is a very complex character he's been through a lot and done some very bad things but even though he realises this he also knows it's M'gulfn's influence that sent him on this path He wants to make amends but he's not consumed by guiltMedrian I remembered from the first time I read the book the cold pale dark haired woman that won't explain her reason for joining the uest I also remembered what her secret is That's probably affected my re read I'm not getting the sense of mystery or confusion over her behaviour that I probably should be But she is still my favourite character in the story uiet and withdrawn and acts almost like she is in constant pain but she still comes alive when in danger or in a fight We see rare smiles glimpses of what she would be like if she weren't carrying these dark secretsThough the basic story elements are standard fantasy fare it's taken in a different direction It has strong uniue characters that carry the story and I found myself engrossed in their stories Things get very dark with some almost horror elements finding their way in demons torture and dead soldiers raised to fight for the enemy There's a hopeless desperate feel that permeates the book There's also a bit of sci fi mixed in but I won't go into that because I don't want to spoil the plotThese things make it stand out from the norm it's something a bit different if you read a lot of fantasy booksIt's a hard one for me to rate I would normally say 3 stars but I still think about this book 20 years after reading it and that has to lift it to a 4

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Blackbird in SilverAt Serpent before it lays waste and utterly destroys the Earth Together they must seek its lair in the far frozen north battling peril and nightmare until they face the ultimate indestructible foe Three warriors An epic uest They are the world's last hop Please see my detailed review for A Blackbird in Silver Darkness the omnibus edition of the first two books in the Blackbird series here CLICK ME

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FREE PDF Î BOOK Blackbird in Silver ¾ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Blackbird in Silver Author Freda Warrington – From Forluin green half fabled land of beauty and peace has journeyed the gentle Estarinel bearing tragic news From the terrible Empire of Gorethria rides Ashurek; a lean and deadly warrior once High From Forluin green hOf the Earth hated and feared across continents The third is known only as Medrian Coldly wrapped in her cloak of sorrow her eyes deep shadowed with suffering long endured she will explain nothing of her reasons Theirs is the uest They must slay the gre DNF at 23% Beyond the first chapter the story hadn't even started yet almost a uarter into the book If you love copious amounts of backstory this might be the book for you Having it dumped on me right at the beginning before I got to know the characters killed any intrigue set up by the first chapter I'm so disappointed Promising first step foward then it tripped over its own cloak and fell flat on its faceSome things like EVIL DRAGON are somewhat dated conventions of the genre but given the publication date it makes sense However the simplification of insanity really hasn't aged well given the rising awareness of mental health in the past decade