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kindle ä A Week to Be Wicked Ñ Mass Market Paperback µ ➬ A Week to Be Wicked Read ➵ Author Tessa Dare – When a devilish lord and a bluestocking set off on the road to ruin time is not on their side Minerva Highwood one of Spindle Cove's confirmed spinsters needs to be in Scotland CSmaller bed by nightWhat they don't have time for is their growing attraction Much less wild passion And heaven forbid they spend precious hours baring their hearts and soulsSuddenly one week seems like exactly enough time to find a world of trouble And maybe just maybe lov “But my lord unmarried women cannot attend as guests It’s not proper”“For the love of ammonites man That’s just stupid Why on earth would the Society need to protect unmarried women from bone dry lectures regarding soil composition? Do your members find themselves whipped into some sort of dusty frenzy from which no delicate lass would be safe?”Mr Barrington tugged on his coat “Sometimes debate does get heated”This dialogue from close to the end of the book just cracked me up and it’s a good example of the dry and sarcastic humor throughout the book It was very amusing and funny I found myself laughing out loud uite oftenI have now read all books in the “Spindle Cove” series and as much as I like them all “A Week to be Wicked” is just something else I love Historical Romance even the cheesy ones but sometimes the love just develops too uickly This book was such a breath of fresh air that it took me completely by surprise At first Colin was not at all interested in Minerva but the events in their journey and her character bind him to her giving way for true romance passion and love and not just purely based on looks The journey becomes a comedy of errors of sorts when Colin's knack for storytelling creates unexpected surprises and brings Minerva out of her shell in astonishing ways Meanwhile Minerva learns about his tragic past and brings Colin out of his shell as she comes to understand his secrets and what he needs to get beyond them Tessa Dare is a very clever writer and “A Week to be Wicked” has many moments of true brilliance as well as a sexy and touching romance I thoroughly enjoyed this story

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When a devilish lord and a bluestocking set off on the road to ruin time is not on their side Minerva Highwood one of Spindle Cove's confirmed spinsters needs to be in Scotland Colin Sandhurst Lord Payne a rake of the first order needs to be anywhere but Spindle CoveThese u I'm not uite as in love with the Spindle Cove series as everyone else is but this one was definitely one of my favorites These two are just such a cute coupleThe smart bookish girl and the rascally ladies manwhat's not to love?This was one of those books that scratched my need for a fun humorous lighthearted romance I loved Payne's silliness the way he made up crazy stories and of course seeing him fall for Minerva and the huge fossilized lizard footprint she found This may be an important discovery So in order to escape her meddling mamma get a chance to present her scientific findings Minerva convinces Payne to 'fake elope' with her ScotlandHonestly there's nothing that he gets out of it but for some reason mostly a crush he won't admit to he agrees to go along with itso he can protect her Riiiight Ok I realize that none of what I said makes any sense but trust me If you're looking for a cute sweet funny romance? This is gonna fit the billNo it's not perfect but you won't regret reading it

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A Week to Be WickedNlikely partners have one week to• fake an elopement• convince family and friends they're in love• outrun armed robbers• survive their worst nightmares• travel four hundred miles without killing each otherAll while sharing a very small carriage by day and an even She couldn't 'heal' him No woman could Events that far in the past just couldn't be undone But perhaps he didn't need a cure but a lens Someone who accepted him for the imperfect person he was and then helped him see the world clear Like spectacles did for herIt's amazing to me how Tessa Dare can just NAIL some things and then wildly misstep on others And the sex don't get me started on the sex Let's work on breaking this down PREMISEDare creates the best set ups She really does This one is about a bookworm who wears spectacles and loves geology who teams up with a roué with PTSD who can't sleep alone at night which is the 'tragic' reason he gives for the fact that there's a woman in his bed every single nightNeedless to say this is a goldmine Scientist female with low self esteem an overbearing mother who has been told she's ugly and unappealing her whole life paired with a life loving rake who struggles with PTSD and night terrors Perfect What could be perfect?Unfortunately Dare's execution is flawedTHE ON POINT SHITSometimes Dare kills it I'm not gonna lie Let me give you some examples Well the opening uote for starters Here Dare just tackles the 'you can't heal a man with your magical vagina' protestations that often emerge She just addresses it head on No Minerva can't heal Colin's mental trauma But she does listen to him talk comforts him provides a safe space and a refuge for him I think that's very important and nicely illustrated by Dare When Dare pours on the pain She should do this freuently in the novel IMO I know she is going for sweet cute humorous and fluffy but I like my heart to be bruised while reading a romance novel She does have some great ideas my complaint is that she doesn't follow through with them Here are some great angst examples A hot tear spilled down her cheek She hated that tear Hated that he'd seen it A man like this wasn't worth weeping over It was just for that moment by the fire after years of being overlooked she'd finally felt NOTICED AppreciatedWANTEDAnd it had all been a lie A ridiculous laughable jokeThis part Where she's crying and he can see her crying and he hates himself and she feels so betrayed and hurt Also when Dare discusses if their love or love affair I guess is real or just a pretense by Colin who is 'humoring' and 'pitying' a little virginal ugly duckling Just keep your eyes closed and your lips parted And learn how this should feelLearn how this should feel Shouldn't this feel tender and romantic?Shouldn't lovemaking feel like love?But this wasn't love It was just a diversion a lesson Just another elaborate pretense When Dare talks about people and their personalities and how society sees them vs how they truly are inside she really makes some great points Perhaps she thought people were like ammonites than one would suppose Perhaps they too built shells on a consistent unchanging factor some uality or circumstance established in youth Each chamber in the shell just an enlargement of the previous Growing year after year until they spiraled around and locked themselves in placeColin's shell had been formed by tragedy His parents' deaths had defined the shape of that first protective chamber He'd owned it grown to fill the shape of it enlarged it with room after mournful room But what if the person inside those many hollow echoing chambers wasn't a tragedy at all? Just a man who genuinely enjoyed life and loved people but happened to have two dead parents and a stubborn case of insomnia?And who was SHE beneath all her layers? A bookish awkward girl who couldn't be bothered to care for anything but fossils and rocks? Or a bold adventurous woman who'd risked everything not on the hopes of achieving professional acclaim but on the slim chance of finding love Of finding that one person who could understand her appreciate her and let her understand and appreciate him Don't Don't tease me I can't bear to be hurt like that againI'm not teasing you I'm complimenting youThat's just it I don't want compliments I'm not fanciful that wayMore pain which I think needs to be explored by Dare No matter what occurs you will never lack for anything Once I gain control of my accounts I'll uietly settle some money on you Enough that you'll be able to live as you desire Set up house in any place you wish Devote your life to scholarship You and your sisters will always have my protectionYour PROTECTION? Am I to be your mistress then?God noOh She swallowed a sob Not even that?More pain but unfortunately it gets resolved in about point three seconds Dare just doesn't understand how to milk things and make her readers suffer No Don't speak that way He propped a finger under her chin I hate it when you speak ill of yourself Min I'd visit bodily harm on anyone who dared insult you but I don't know how to guard you from yourself So kindly do me a favor and just don't All right?This is good Minerva freuently tells Colin to STFU in bed Thank heavens At last someone has said it Like she's trying to concentrate on getting to that orgasm you know This isn't the time for long conversations Really like that Dare addresses this since it's one of my pet peeves in novels Good Lord did the man never stop talking? Minerva didn't want to converse right now She just wanted deeper Harder More Charging toward her on horseback dashing through the early morning mist The wind rippling through his wavy hair The sight was just like something from a fairy tale Oh he wasn't riding a white stallion but rather a serviceable sturdy bay gelding And he was dressed not in shining armor or regal attire but in a simple well tailored blue topcoat and buckskin riding breechesThat was a nice little bit of mental image pornTHE BAD AND THE UGLYBesides practicing sexual behavior that I find distasteful Dare also makes Colin an asshole for NO REASON Seriously there is enough conflict in here without him being a dick I won't be made to look slatternlyHe held her tight His breath fell hot and rough on her neck You'll be made to look the way I wish you to look That's the point of a mistress after allWhat about this scene where in a fit of irrational jealousy he rends Minerva's clothing tells her to dress and act like a 'mistress' and takes her to a place where the men expect her to be passed around as a party favor? Now Minerva wanted to sink through the floor and die there She understood Colin was angry but how could he do this to her?UGH He just acts so horrid in this whole scene and I know Dare plays it up as an 'adventure' but it was pretty miserable to this reader Believe me those women would not call themselves debased And what makes you think they're whores? Perhaps they're ladies every bit as pedigreed and well bred as you who understand what you don't How to enjoy themselves How to have a good timeThis pretty much encapsulates the problem I have with Dare See how she is trying to reach for the feminist idea that slut shaming is wrong? See it? But see how her asshole hero twists it into 'making Minerva feel like a shit person for being humiliated ashamed and afraid after being taken to what is essentially a pleasure house where she is apt to become public property?' But he's shaming her for feeling this way And he's doing it with FEMINISM It's sick It's so fucking sick I don't even know how to begin to address this but I'm severely grossed out Notice how he also neatly sandwiches in the insult that goes Well you just don't know how to HAVE FUN Or have a GOOD TIME by allowing your body to be a sex toy for men You're so stupid and virginal A REAL woman would enjoy being able to be 'free' and act this way UGHLater in the book Colin muses He wondered what it would take to coax THIS Minerva out into the world permanently She would need a steady supply of assurance he supposed Perhaps her participation in the Royal Geological Society could give her that to some degree But the right man could do far The right man could plant seeds of confidenceIs that what YOU think you're doing you fucker? I mean no you're not Way to fail asshole You've been the opposite of nurturing considerate and kind here Honestly Minerva deserves better but we all know she's not going to get it and you're the best she can hope for Considering the time period you are golden but to a modern reader you are trash Work it out She points a loaded gun at him She slaps him around a little bit but I'm willing to shrug this off as play acting and honestly I'm tired of harping on Dare's physically abusive heroines At least she doesn't punch him kick him or knife him like the previous heroines did to their menHOW'S THE SEX CARMEN?Carmen bashes her head into the table repeatedly WHY I don't understand how this perfect setup doesn't yield amazing sex and amazing sexromance scenes This is IMO where Dare always fucks up Take for example the scene where he makes out with Minerva It's her second kiss she got her first from him also and her first makeout session obviously I was thrilled I was delighted KISSING And I love makeout sessions that just exhibit the joys of kissing and don't end in sex More books need makeout scenes It had been ages since he'd kissed a girl simply for kissing's sake and he'd forgotten what a pure heady pleasure it could beCue excited sueeing from CarmenAnyway in the middle of this Colin tells Minerva You can do better Wow OKAY Just killed any happy feelings I had about this scene thanksHe doesn't seem to be able to get it together in bed either First at around 38% he decides to discuss well not really discuss More like fantasize about and use as personal mind porn her masturbation habits in a really creepy and gross way I'm not telling you anything Her breath grew shakySurely it can't be he said his hand stealing over her thigh that this intrepid explorer of underwater caverns hasn't explored her own little cove? starts touching her vulva Hm I think you do understand pleasure His touch moved in a devious circle But only the hushed secret kind You've always been surrounded haven't you? By sisters servants Did you stroke yourself this way? Clamping that jaw shut turning your head to the pillow to be very very uiet? he continues to play with her vulva No no If I'm wrong don't tell me I'm enjoying this idea far too much The little scientist conducting uiet surveys beneath her night rail Or in the bath perhaps Curious fingers wandering exploring Chasing that pleasure 'round and 'round as it builds and builds His voice dark decadent Until the crisis shudders through you in perfect devastating silenceSome women may find this very exciting and that's perfectly fine but I was turned off I found it creepy and gross Talking about her and her masturbation habits like that I don't know it was very skeevy to me Ugh Then he does whatever the unclothed version of dry humping is to her comes on her rolls over and goes to sleep Like what the fuck Are you doing Dare never goes into details about how Minerva deals with this but is she sleeping with a puddle of his cum on her belly? Fucker didn't even help her clean up? Does she even really understand about ejaculate is this inconsiderate jerk just dry humping with her and then leaving her to clean up the mess? Which I'm not even sure she understands needs to be cleaned up? Couldn't he have been a little tender here? Does she sleep in the wet spot or what?Utter fail I leave the scene feeling like Colin is trash who is not caring for his woman properly or being kind and respectful with her And I hate 'This is how you please a man' lessons Ugh Please stop that It's gross I'm not She gasped at another greedy kiss I'm not sure I'm comfortable being the instrument of your releaseYou make it sound so one sided I promise you'll enjoy it too 49%Wow she's coming to you with concerns that you are using her body to get off Instead of reassuring her that you care about her that she is important to you that she is not just a masturbation aid for you your response is to be like Well I'll make sure you get off too WOW how ROMANTIC Yeah no It's gross and not loving or romantic at all THIS is exactly why I can never get into Dare's sex scenes You have so much fire in you Min A natural talent for passionI wish Dare would stop having her heroes tell their virginal women that they have 'natural aptitude' for kissing and 'natural talent' for sex and other gross things It's very demeaning It makes it sound like they are grooming them for future use or something I hate itTHEN at around 58% he wants this little virgin to give him a blowjob If this isn't horrifying enough he initiates it by putting his thumb in her mouth This He slid his thumb between her startled lips pressing it deep into her hot wet mouth YesI'm just gobsmacked Woody Allen much? Aziz Ansari much? Am I just totally missing something in which men stuff their fingers down women's throats as a kind of harsh unappealing way to get them to give them a blowjob? I'm not talking about porn here I'm talking about IRL Do men do this IRL? Because let me tell you if a man ever tried this shit with me Carmen trails off Well let's just say it wouldn't end well First and foremost because I'd immediately vomit all over him Not on purpose just what comes naturally when people shove their fingers in my mouth And after that I'm sure things would only get worseMore to the point is this ROMANTIC or SEXY at all???? No absolutely not It goes beyond the other shit into a whole new territory of gross that I'm not prepared to deal with especially not in what I thought was going to be a sweet and cute novelFast forward through an absolutely disgusting blowjob scene that I don't want to hear about NEXT68% Taking her virginity is unpleasant Moreso because the man doesn't seem to understand the importance of foreplay WITH A VIRGIN Damn it I know I should be selfless I should give you pleasure first But I want to be in you I want to be so deep inside you when you comeAh I see You KNOW you should be kinder compassionate and orgasm giving to her before you painfully take her virginity but you JUST CAN'T help yourself Right Got it Very romantic sexy and merciful of you You inconsiderate fucker I honestly thought a rake who knew women SO WELL would actually be a good partner for her but you've let me down SO MUCH In so many ways To cap it all off the fucker goes down on her at 85% but doesn't even finish the job He decides she wants the D I can't tell you how irate this makes me One it's her first experience with cunnilingus fucker You could have at least put in a little effort JFC do I have to walk you through every little thing? This hero is so fucking selfish Two she finished your blowjob The blowjob I don't even think you should have been asking for but she finished that You can't even reciprocate??? Fuck this shit FUCK ITTL;DR Well It was better than A Night to Surrender and Once Upon a Winter's Eve I'll say that much Dare has an amazing scenario to use for her book Too bad she ruins itI did like some of the philosophical and psychological points she was trying to make here And it's refreshing to see a heroine that calls the hero on his shit most of the timeIf you like realism in your historicals I don't give a fig if historicals are accurate so this is not me I would advise you to stay away from Tessa Dare She takes modern ideals ideas and viewpoints and just sets them in the past which is no than window dressing I personally have no beef with this but I know it bothers some people I don't understand why Dare had to make Colin an asshole or at least an intermittent asshole in this book There really was NO need for it There was plenty of conflict excitement and issues between the couple and acting on the couple without him being a jerk It was unnecessary and just made me dislike him a whole lotThe sex was gross I mean opinions may vary I am grading on my own standards and expectations and of course judging by my own personal tastes If you love the sex in this book I am very happy for you D However it wasn't pleasing to meI know tons of people love this book and I can understand the appeal It has a perfect set up But IMO Dare fails to deliver on this promising premise If you love it I am so happy for you D But for me personally it didn't work out In my personal opinion this was not enjoyableROMANCE CATEGORIESHistorical RomanceRegency RomanceSTEM Heroine RomanceShe's a Geologist He's a nothing Rich man I guess