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REVIEW Ù Flex Mentallo Man of Muscle Mystery #1 4 × ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Flex Mentallo Man of Muscle Mystery #1 4 Author Grant Morrison – Collected for the first time an early classic from the ALL STAR SUPERMAN team of Grant Morrison and Frank uitely newly re colouredOnce he was Hero of the BeachInd boggling concept after another in a tour de force of innovative storytellingThis long asked for Vertigo title is collected at last presenting an early collaboration between writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank uitely who would win much acclaim on ALL STAR SUPERMAN and. I think I can probably say with certainty that Grant Morrison is my favorite comic book writer now I had just gotten introduced to Flex Mentallo from reading Morrison's Doom Patrol series and I wanted to read this to learn about the character This book has a really amazing script that kind of reminds me of Peter Milligan's Enigma and uitely's art here is amazing as usual

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Vestigate Mentallo Man of MOBI #245 the sinister dealings of his former comrade The Fact and a mysterious rock star whose connection to Flex may hold the key to Mentallo Man of Muscle Mystery Epubsaving them bothThis fast paced tale twists super hero tropes introducing one m. If you're a fan of the meta writings of Grant Morrison it's worth checking out the documentary Grant Morrison Talking with Gods that takes an in depth look at his life and career From the Scotsman comic book storytelling should be meaningful towards his livelihood no matter how outlandish his stories and certainly superheroes since their very inception mean a great deal towards Morrison as established in his 1996 miniseries where he first collaborated with artist Frank uitely thus begins the start of a beautiful friendshipIntroduced in an issue of Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol a fictional Golden Age superhero called Flex Mentallo investigates the sinister dealings of his former comrade The Fact and a suicidal rock star whose connection to Flex may hold the key to saving them both As these two stories are progressing alongside each other reality and fiction begin to merge and you're in classic Morrison territoryHaving watched the aforementioned documentary it's funny reading the dramatization of the writer's self confessed memories of his parents who were freedom fighters who protest against The Bomb to even masturbating at his own illustrations of nude women It is also Morrison's own commentary on how superheroes have evolved from the brightness of the Golden Age to the weirdness of the Silver Age to the grimness of the Dark Age where Morrison pokes fun at Alan Moore and Frank MillerWith the two storylines happening at the same time whilst jumping through multiple realities and different time periods it can be hard to follow However it is the characterisation of its titular hero who despite his Hercules type physicality is purely good natured and doesn't resolve all situations through violence which is clearly evident in the way Morrison and uitely would approach the Man of Steel in their masterpiece All Star SupermanDespite Morrison's labyrinthine narrative it is credited to Frank uitely – arguably the best artist working in comics today – in making these four issues a visual delight from start to finish With his uirky and high detailed art style uitely presents a world that breaks away from the rules of our reality with a world that is dark but spandex heavy which is the closest thing of David Lynch telling his own superhero storyAs part of what Morrison calls a thematic hypersigil trilogy along with The Invisibles and The Filth Flex Mentallo Man of Muscle Mystery is a surreal hyper reality adventure that is part autobiography and part commentary that embraces the various cycles of the superhero

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Flex Mentallo Man of Muscle Mystery #1 4Collected for the Man of PDF #8608 first time an early classic from the ALL STAR SUPERMAN team of Grant Morrison and Frank uitely newly re Flex Mentallo PDF colouredOnce he was Hero of the Beach and of the Doom Patrol Now Flex Mentallo the Man of Muscle Mystery returns to in. who is this Man of Muscle Mystery and when he flexes does he change reality what is reality can you show me what is a superhero what is a person what is a figment of the imagination if that figment is the projection of all we could be all we can aspire to all we can fail at all that exists beyond our understanding what is a jack off fantasy template and what is a series of familiar moving images that provide us some small temporary moments of comfort or satisfaction can you be a pessimist and also a realist can you be cynical and idealistic at the same time can fantasy be commodity can it be disposable pop debris and yet also the source of creativity something transformative a way to dream the future or even live the present something life affirming while also something that is all too disposable trashwhat is a fact and does a fact always retain its nature can a fact be malleable what is the difference between pastiche and parody who is the Man in the Moon and do dreamers dream their own destruction because their dreams replace reality what is this so called reality anyway if you exist in one moment in time do you therefore exist throughout all of time hey is that orgy an adventure do you want to join in or do you want to turn away is turning an orgy into a massacre just a different sort of adventurewhat is a deconstruction can you reconstruct a deconstruction is a deconstruction its own kind of constructionis every story its own form of reality is every story eually real are you the sum of your history are you what you are at this very point in time and nothing are you the image that you have created an image that is given life because you have made it so what if one important thing in your life something that happened early on something powerful resonant even traumatic what if that thing was changed what if what happened didn't happen or happened differently what would you be like then what would that version of you look like would you still be you if not then who what would your dreams look like would this new version of you have the same sort of dreams what is good what is evil what is man what is woman what is gender what is orientation what is a society what is an individual what is the future what is the past what is life what is death and can we just mix and match all of those things together as we see fit and what is an Absolute does that even exist oh it does well who the fuck are youwhat is chaos magicwhat is a hypersigilwhat has happened 32 times and why does 3 2 5 the number of sides of the Pentagon and that's why the Pentagon must be destroyed the answers to all of those uestions and can view spoilernot hide spoiler