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아우와의 만남With his father but after learning that that his father had passed away while the Korean Chinese who had been commissioned with the task was trying to make it happen decided to meet his brother instead of his father back cove See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsI wasn't sure what to expect from this novella and came away from it feeling a little disappointed and that I had missed out somewhere along the line The book begins with an interesting essay about Yi Mun Yol's life and unusual literary career and I appreciated this additional background into the work its author and the challenges faced by the translators Once onto the novella however I found it difficult to really appreciate the story The whole book is only about 120 pages so there is limited space to really get to know Yi so while I could envisage supporting characters such as Mr Reunification and the man who arranged Yi's meeting Yi himself never stepped off the page for me I did however learn about about Korean history and how the country came to be a separated nation I liked the two brothers' conversation when each defends their ideological standpoints but I often felt I needed a much greater grounding in Korean culture in order to fully appreciate the many nuances that I could see passing me by

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mobi ¾ doc 아우와의 만남 8988095642 ½ Yi Mun-Yol ½ [Reading] ➶ 아우와의 만남 ➬ Yi Mun-Yol – An Appointment with My Brother is a story of the author's imagined meeting with his stepbrother his father's son from his second marriage in North Korea after his defection durAn Appointment with My Brother is a story of the author's imagined meeting with his stepbrother his father's son from his second marriage in North Korea after his defection during the Korean War The narrator the protagonist of Meeting with My Brother A Novella is a semi autobiographical novel about the restrictions mainstream society placed on one of many families during the Korean War Narrator Yi described the aftermath of his father's defection to the North during the warYi's father an intellectual was a member of the Korean Worker's Party By defecting his family was stigmatized It was guilt by association Yi's mother constantly moved with her children living in the shadows to keep them safe Yi became depressed and dropped out of school Eventually he overcame educational setbacks and embarked upon an academic careerBelieving that his father was alive after forty years of non communication Yi engaged Mr Kim to arrange a meeting in the northern tip of China by bribing the necessary officials He wanted to address his pent up feelings toward his father Before the scheduled date his father died and Yi's half brother agreed to be smuggled across the border in his stead The confrontational discourse between these separated brothers opened a window into perceptions of their father cultural differences and feelings of social alienation The ebb and flow of their emotions was palpableMeeting with My Brother A Novella by Mun Yol Yi addresses the divisiveness of war A family weakened by political and social issues will experience waves of repercussions for decades This emotionally charged tome tells of brothers separated by war and their misconceptions as cultures clash Kudos to Mun Yol YiThank you Columbia University Press and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review Meeting with My Brother A Novella

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The story uses his connections and money to arrange his younger brother's visit to Yenji in the Korean autonomous district in China to have a meeting with him there The protagonist had originally intended to arrange a meeting Although a relatively short novella this is a multi layered and complex tale which although on the surface simply a story of half brothers meeting for the first time encompasses decades of history and explores what it means to live in a divided nation The author is an acclaimed writer in his native South Korea but I hadn't come across him before and found the comprehensive introduction not just illuminating but pretty much essential to appreciating the book The narrator of the story hoped to be able to arrange a meeting with his estranged father who had defected to North Korea during the Korean War The meeting takes so long to arrange that his father dies before it can take place but the fixer offers a meeting with the son of his father's new family in his stead The meeting between these two men forms the core of the narrative and is both moving and engaging Both brothers have suffered and been viewed with suspicion throughout their lives due to the father’s defection and are initially suspicious and resentful of each other But as they talk the bonds of brotherhood seem to conuer the political divide and each learns from their conversations during their meeting This small personal drama reflects the greater political and social drama of the divide between North and South Korea and the viability of possible reunification In fact the narrator meets a man called “Mr Reunification” whose passion it is to promote such a possibility Millions of Korean families are still separated just like the two brothers and without sentimentality the author manages to make their predicament – and the predicament of the whole country – compelling and haunting The political made personal in a convincing and memorable way