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E including marrying perfect proper Lady Penelope MarburyA broken engagement and years of disappointing courtships have left Penelope with little interest in a uiet comfortable marriage and a longing for something How lucky that her new husband has acce FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED5 VERY SHINY STARS I want to lay you down in the light of The Angel and make love to you Wow wow wow What a fabulous read hugging my Kindle Prepare yourself to be gushed upon From revenge to love Michael intends to corrupt Penelope He wants to turn her from light to dark from good to bad His goal is to totally ruin her And it will feel so splendid A Rogue by Any Other Name is such a great example why I love to read HR does the happy danceDespite my minor issues a jerk ish hero and his opinion of being not worthy enough for our lovable heroine and the ending that felt a bit corny and a heroine who was a bit too weepy for my liking I totally devoured this book Yeah seconds and minutes passed Hoursbut it didn't matter All that mattered was this book and these characters I want Do you? Do you see how much I value you? Do you feel it? I adore you he whispered I wish I could be the man you deserve She lifted her own hand to capture his at her cheek Michaelyou can be that manDarn Michael you deserve Penelope Just open your mind and your heart and look thoroughlyLondon 1831Michael wants Falconwell back The land he had lost ten years ago while gambling and vowed to regain At any cost even if he had to marry an aging spinster Their first encounter was very entertaining Sirrah Do not come any closer I she flailed for a decent threat I am armedHis response was unmoved Do you plan to smother me with your muff?You sir are not a gentlemanAh Truth at lastShe took another step back I am going homeI don't think so PenelopePenelope was a means to an end the path to Michael's revenge Every time he touched her or showed her the slightest interest it was for his benefit and his goals Naturally Penelope didn't want to be a part of his revenge though Well Michael is rather surprised to discover that this woman this marriage means so much to him It scared himYes I love it Yes I totally dig the characters the witty richly textured and wonderful dialogue and most of allthe love scenesthey left me gloriously breathless My oh my this woman knows how to write utterly sensual and erotic love scenes A Rogue by Any Other Name displays romance at its best I adored the kissing and touching It was so well written Kudos Ms MacLean Boy I was consumed with excitement with breathlessness while reading A Rogue by Any Other Name Even though there are not a lot of love scenes they were so well placed That said they were there because the path of anticipation has been exhausted and I was on the brink of being combusted He wanted her that moment Immediately Without hesitation So he lifted her in his arms and carried her up the stairs Up to decadence Up to pleasureOh yes Michael's adventuresome beauty will discover how utterly sensual and erotic love making can be And even though Penelope is not a beauty in the common sense we all know that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder Michael believes that Penelope is a beauty and love makes you feel beautiful and cherished after allThe characters are splendid Michael and Penelope are complex and very interesting Penelope knows how to speak tartly and I relished her smart mouth Michael The jerk Most of the time a jerk makes a good hero and the dark and brooding Michael was a great hero Further it didn't hurt at all that he was so handsome and he was perfect with his hands and mouth I can't deny that his sexual prowess was fabulous and I loved his deadpan humor Overall it was such a pleasure to witness their evolving relationshipGuess what? The author portrayed many intriguing secondary characters in this book and I'm utterly convinced that Cross and Lady Philippa's story will be another winner when I was reading this Well since you came all the way herehow may I be of service Lady Philippa? She took a deep breath Released it I reuire ruination And I hear you are an expert in the subjectI can't wait to read their story Patience Baba A Rogue by Any Other Name is a wonderfully penned and witty HR I am so glad that I discovered another great HR author I'm off reading Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeHIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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A Rogue by Any Other NameSs to such unexplored pleasuresBourne may be a prince of London’s underworld but he vows to keep Penelope untouched by its wickedness a challenge indeed as the lady discovers her own desires and her willingness to wager anything for them even her hear She realized how little she wanted a uiet life of pastel colors and uadrilles and tepid lemonade She wanted Happy sigh What a wonderful book Sometime you stumble on these HR gems that makes you smile gush and wish you lived in a different time Sarah McLean is a wonderful author Sirrah Do not come any closer I she flailed for a decent threat I am armedHis response was unmoved Do you plan to smother me with your muff?You sir are not a gentlemanAh Truth at lastI loved the writing and I loved the story Set in 1831 we meet Penelope and Bourne They were childhood friends but they have been estranged since Bourne lost everything in a card game ten years ago He has rebuilt his wealth through a gaming hell and when his former lands are attached to Penelope’s dowry he returnsI loved Penelope She is sound and she is funny She takes the whole kidnapped to marriage in stride and I just adored her Often the hero is the book but in this one Penelope is just as important She wants adventure Some books are too good for words It is a marriage of convenience fake betrothal friends to lovers story And it is set in beautiful winter I could feel the setting It is alive and colorful I loved the ice skating on the lake the roasted chestnuts and the roulette Every character is fabulous and I cannot wait for the next one

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Download A Rogue by Any Other Name Book ☆ 386 pages Ü Sarah maclean Õ [Read] ➵ A Rogue by Any Other Name By Sarah MacLean – What a scoundrel wants a scoundrel getsA decade ago the Maruess of Bourne was cast from society with nothing but his title Now a partner in LondonWhat a scoundrel wants a scoundrel getsA decade ago the Maruess of Bourne was cast from society with nothing but his title Now a partner in London’s most exclusive gaming hell the cold ruthless Bourne will do whatever it takes to regain his inheritanc “I am too imperfect for you” he whispered at her temple“You are perfectly imperfect for me”I just I love this book I love the cover I love the writing; every single sentence I enjoyed reading it I love the plot oh yes no better plot than revenge I love the characters both of them But most of all; I love you Sarah MacLean Gimme books like these “You have my land Penelope” he whispered at her ear the sound low and liuid and altogether too distracting even as it sent tremors of anxiety spiraling through her “and I want it back”She shook her head eyes closed as he wreaked havoc on her senses “I can’t give it to you”He stroked one hand down her arm in a long lovely caress taking her wrist in his firm warm clasp “No but I can take it” The storyMichael Maruess of Bourne lost all he ever had one night in a game of cards And that night his life made a turn toward one goal Revenge Now a powerful man co owner of London's most famous gaming hell he's prepared to do anything to accomplish his goal even marry his childhood friend Lady Penelope Marbury To up her chance in getting married Penelope's father increased her dowry with Michael's lost estate She doesn't really want to get married well she does but out of love After learning about the dowry she goes for a walk in the old estate and comes across Michael But soon her happiness evaporates when said man abducts her and decides to ruin her reputation enough so that she'd have no other choice but to marry him “You’re thinking again”She was She was thinking he was magnificent “I can’t help it” She shook her head reaching for him“Then I am not doing it correctly”Oh dear If he kissed her any correctly her sanity would be threatened BourneI still like the name Michael better 3 Anyway he was very young when he lost it all and it was a very hard lesson in life Having lost his parents too he had no one to turn to not for affection not for support Years later he is a ruthless man knows no compassion and is willing to do absolutely anything to carry out his revenge He compromises Penelope and marries her swearing to give her anything she would ever want aside from his affection What truobles him the most is that he WANTS to give her his affection Ah I just loved him Tortured hero affraid to love affraid to get close to anyone thinking he'll corrupt anything he touches My heart just broke for him Even though I wanted to hit him a few times stubborn man But esentially he had to choose; revenge or Penelope “The worst part is that if I don’t send you back I’m going to want to keep you hereAnd you’ll hate me for it” He closed his eyes and whispered “You deserve better”So much better than me“Michael” she said softly “there’s no one better Not for me” She was falling in love with the part of him that ice skated played charades teased her with wordplay and smiled at her as though she were the only woman in the world She was falling in love with the kindness that lurked beneath his exteriorAnd there was a part of her dark and uiet that was falling in love with the rest of him She did not know how she could manage being in love with all of him He was too much PenelopeHaving no choice but to marry Michael she asks him to show her passion exictement life Although he is nothing like the youth she once knew and loved she still can't help but be intrigued by him Attracted by him And she wants More than just a marriage of convenience she wants to be to him than a means to an end BUT that's exactly what Michael doesn't want And so he hurts her to keep her away Boy my heart broke for her too I understood them both but the constant suffering NOT a big fan but it was so worth it And one thing I adored; the letters Oh those were so sweet their corespondence when they were childern and later only on her side Just lovedThe ending Simply PERFECT The best way for the story and I'm so glad it turned out the way it did I'd give the book 10 stars just for that bit This is my favorite uote and it goes perfectly with the theme of the book gambling “I can’t take small tastes of you love I can only gorge on you You’re irresistible” He pressed a kiss to her shoulder his tongue coming out to lave the skin there “You’re like the rattle of dice The shuffle of cards You call to me until I ache with desire for you” The words were a whisper of breath at the base of her neck “I could easily become addicted to you” To Sarah MacLean