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PDF ☆ BOOK Jane Eyre ↠ CHARLOTTE BRONTë ↠ [Reading] ➿ Jane Eyre Author Charlotte Brontë – Dcmdirect.co.uk Orphaned as a child Jane has felt an outcast her whole young life Her courage is tested once again when she arrives at Thornfield Hall where she has been hired by the brooding proud Edward Rochester t OrphaHere is a terrifying secret inside the gloomy forbidding Thornfield Hall Is Rochester hiding from Jane? Will Jane be left heartbroken and exiled once again? I am a very pretentious personI try to seem “hip” and “cool” and “relatable” and “down with the teens” and of course I totally am all of those things but also I have my tendencies toward pretension It’s who I am Just last night I shuddered at the idea of popular music like some kind of eight hundred year old gremlinI am not proud of this side of me but it’s who I am And also it is important background information for you dear Reader going into this review That direct address to you as an audience member was me emulating this book not an example of my pretension Or was it???Anyway It’s important that you know my capacity to be pretentious so that I can make this statementI don’t get how any reader can say they don’t like classicsOof A doozy right? Aren’t you glad I warned you? Now you know that that wasn’t just a one off of self serious condescension but rather a pattern of my personality and oh sht actually my explanation probably made the whole thing a million times worse Now I’ve painted my insufferability as consistentCome back everyone Let me explainWhat I need to explain is that this book is excellent and also a classic It is very very old but sometimes old stuff is still worth it I should know I have the mannerisms of the type of grumpy old man that gets endearingly profiled in Scandinavian bestsellersThis is not the classic I would recommend that someone start with if they’re looking to get into the genre It is very very slow and very wordy and the language takes some settling in But also this book is a literal gemIt was published in 19th century England which is no one’s idea of Progressive Central But this book is jarringly feminist when the constraints it and Jane were working in are taken into account Jane is an independent woman and this book from eighteen freakin’ forty seven tells her storyNow I love Jane Austen books as much as the next girl if the next girl is pretty damn obsessed with Jane Austen but that’s something not even all her books can sayHere’s the thing about this book I love nineteenth century fiction or what I’ve read of it but even if you didn’t you’d probably love this book So much of this is uniue by the standards of then but also even the standards of today It’s a romance yes which extremely normal But it’s a romance between two characters who are not conventionally beautiful which is unbelievably rare It’s also not a romance that acts as basically the sole option for its female character I love Pride Prejudice and I of course think Lizzie Bennet is a feminist and awesome character but there’s no way for that book to end really that doesn’t include marriage for her Three of the five Bennet sisters get married over the course of that book It’s either that or old maid status babyBut not lil Jane Eyre She does not allow marriage to be the only prospect for her She goes away and makes a life for herself and then decides whether she wants to follow that path We don’t even see that in every 21st century romancePlus Jane is an excellent character and of a type we RARELY see She’s serious and upstanding and smart and moral She has a strong mind and she doesn’t shy away from that She lacks the reuisite features of today’s female subjects of romance the uirkiness or the humor or the adorkable way she trips and fallsspills coffeeetc She also lacks the nineteenth century version of a lot of those traits And it is so goddamn refreshing I can’t even tell youAnd on top of all that the language in this book is so gorgeous I want the whole manuscript tattooed on meWhich would be wild because this is about a million pages long And speaking of yes it is very slow and hard to get into and basically you have to adjust to a whole new reading experience So I wouldn’t recommend starting off your nineteenth century fiction binge with this bookBut I would recommend getting into nineteenth century fiction solely for the purpose of reading this bookBottom line IT’S JUST SO DAMN GOOD YOU GUYS pre reviewhey umi love this book so stupid much???if you've got a free few hours over the course of the next few months i HIGHLY recommend rereading this book at a snail's pace worked out for me very welli should probably shout about my adoration of this book for several pages so full review 2 come

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Red by the brooding proud Edward Rochester to care for his ward Adèle Jane finds herself drawn to his troubled yet kind spirit She falls in love Hard But t FIVE REASONS WHY JANE EYRE WOULD NEVER BE A BESTSELLER IN OUR TIMES5 Four hundred odd pages of purely descriptive writing4 Overt religious themes and moral preaching3 A plain Jane heroine who stays plain No makeovers to reveal a hitherto hidden prettiness that only needed an application of hydrogen peroxide and some eyebrow plucking to emerge full blown2 The world is not well lost for love In the war between self respect and grand passion principles win hands down Rousing yet tender speeches do not make our heroine forsake her creed to fall swooning and submissive into her alpha's arms 1 NO SEXWhen I was a little girl I had a doll named Saloni Now Saloni wasn't a particularly attractive specimen as dolls go especially since over the years I had drilled a hole in her little rosebud mouth in order to 'feed' her I had 'brushed' her hair till all the poor synthetic threads had fallen out and I had dragged her around with me so much one of her big blue eyes had fallen off But in my eyes Saloni was the best doll ever created She was my comfort my mainstay in a world filled with confusing new things like school and daycare and other little people Jane Eyre is my grown up version of Saloni Comfort food for my brain There are two authors I will read over and over and over again until the day I die One of them is Charlotte Bronte the other one is Georgette Heyer I have read Jane Eyre a million times but I never tire of the story Every time I reach the scene where she professes her love to Mr Rochester I come out in goosebumps Every single time Age and experience have taught me to spot the flaws in the story and the characters The ineffable belief in English superiority The condescending attitude towards servants and people of the lower class The ill treatment of mentally disabled people The almost uaker ish sentiments of Jane Eyre But all of this detracts not a whit from one of the greatest love stories ever told And there are a lot of things to admire in this book as well Edward Rochester ugly as sin but powerful and dominant and unbelievably attractive in spite of his looks A love that grows and strengthens on the basis of mutual sympathy respect and a meeting of the minds that a lot of our authors would do well to learn from Jane Eyre who does not think that her great love excuses acts of selfishness and immorality Despite being drawn as a somewhat submissive personality Jane manages to hold her own with uiet fortitude never loudly asserting her intelligence or talent but nonetheless displaying a strength of character that would put the Bellas and Noras of out time to shame Jane Eyre would never as I have said above be a bestseller if it had been written in our times And that is a loss we must take upon ourselves That we have put such prime value on lust and looks and power that we have forgotten to be real in our writing There is a reason why millions of people the world over remember and revere a book written a hundred and fifty odd years ago while the bestsellers of our times slip uickly and uietly from our memories Jane Eyre is than just a beautiful book about a love story that transcends all boundaries; it is a testament to the power of pure emotion that can be felt through the ages and across all barriers of time and culture

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Jane EyreOrphaned as a child Jane has felt an outcast her whole young life Her courage is tested once again when she arrives at Thornfield Hall where she has been hi Yes I suppose you can view this book mostly as a love story That's what I did at age 13 but that's why I was left disappointed back then¹Or you can view this as an story of formation of a strong and independent female protagonist a nineteenth century feminist light years ahead of its time And that's what left my now closer to thirty than twenty self very satisfied and uite frankly rather impressed²¹view spoilerThe guy kept his wife in the attic Seriously no Just no You don't get all the way to your SECOND wedding forgetting to mention that your FIRST wife is hidden in the attic Seriosly Rochester what the hell is wrong with you? How can you even attempt to build a marriage on such a lie??? hide spoiler