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doc Ð Pollyanna Paperback È Eleanor H. Porter È ❰Download❯ ✤ Pollyanna Author Eleanor H. Porter – The orphan girl Pollyanna moves in with her strict aunt in New England Despite a difficult start Pollyanna's exuberance and positivity affect everyone who meets her and she spreads joyIldren's stories of all time Eleanor H Porter's 1913 best seller the first in a long series of Pollyanna novels by the author and other writers is a beautiful story with a powerful moral messag Wow What have I been missing all these years As a child I grew up on the Disney movie of Pollyanna and thought it was just wonderful I was never introduced to the classics or even realized that Pollyanna was a book turned into a movie When I sat down with my chidlren to read this story I THOUGHT I knew what I was reading to them but boy was I wrong It soon became apparent that this was another true o the test of time classics that takes you through all the emotions of a true clssic My children fell in love with sweet litle Polyanna and we all cried and laughed along with her and for her My children each had such a touching emotional growth of faith compassion and empathy through this reading that I wish all children had a mommy to read this story to them Read this one to your chidren no matter their age and share the beauty of real life

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Wherever she goes But when tragedy strikes Pollyanna finds her optimistic attitude tested and she must learn to find happiness againA heartwarming tale that has become one of the most loved ch Written April 2 201542 Stars Enchanting sweet loved every single minuteA classics girl novel by Eleanor H Porter 1868 1920 from 1913 I've been listening to this fantastic 1 audiobook 540 hrs very well narrated by Rebecca Burns these two last day Oddly enough I think I might like this young girl book even now as an grownup than as a girl long ago These characters and especially this sweet sunshine girl Pollyanna made me just smiling in nearly six hours Absolutely charming and lovely I wish I myself could remember and live after Pollyanna's Glad Game strategy every 'cloudy' day If we followed her idea would probably life and everyday life become so much fun for everyone Pollyanna Whittier is a young orphan who goes to live in Beldingsville Vermont with her spinster Aunt Polly Unfortunately doesn't Miss Polly want to take in young Pollyanna but feels it is her duty to her late sister It doesn't start that well But Pollyanna is a brave little girl and her philosophy of life is what she calls The Glad Game she just has to find something to be glad about in every situation“Oh yes; the game was to just find something about everything to be glad about—no matter what 'twas” “ there is something about everything that you can be glad about if you keep hunting long enough to find it”I LIKE fantastic audiobooks for just a single

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PollyannaThe orphan girl Pollyanna moves in with her strict aunt in New England Despite a difficult start Pollyanna's exuberance and positivity affect everyone who meets her and she spreads joy and love Pollyanna is the story of a young optimistic girl who is tragically orphaned sent to live with her grumpy Aunt and ends up changing a town’s point of view through her sunny disposition It's supposed to be inspiring In fact it’s probably the idea bud for books like The Power of Positive ThinkingPollyanna the eternal optimist plays the ‘glad game’ where she always tries to find something to be glad about no matter how challenging Also everyone who comes into contact with Pollyanna is happily inspired by her wonderful positive outlook and becomes a enlightened person because of it I was only eight years old when I read this book Conseuently I bought this message hook line and sinker I made it my mission in life to be happy and positive all the time and tried to have that perfect ‘Pollyanna disposition’ It’s now so ingrained into my psyche I probably couldn’t get rid of it if I tried People still give me ghastly looks sometimes and say “Oh my God you’re always so happy? How do you do it?”Let’s face it though the ‘Pollyanna disposition’ is a bunch of crap Nothing is patronizing then to have somebody tell you after your job has been downgraded and your pay cut in half “You should be glad you still have a job” That maybe true but that doesn’t take away the outrage of having been screwed by your employerBeing positive all the time is like crushing a piece inside of you Sometimes you just want to bitch grump and spew a bunch of obscenities Sometimes you’re just sad and don’t have the energy to try to find the gladness I’ll be honest I loved this book as a child but I could not read it again It’d just piss me off